Balmar 6-Series Light Duty Marine Alternator
Balmar 6-Series Light Duty Marine Alternator

Balmar 6-Series Light Duty Marine Alternator – 100 Amp

Pulley Designations :

  • “SV” = 1/2″ Single Pulley.
  • “DV” = 1/2″ Dual Vee.
  • “K6” = K-6 Serpentine.
  • “J10” = J-10 AltMount® Serpentine.

Note : Balmar’s 1/2″ Deep Vee Pulleys (Single and Dual) can accept a 3/8″ and 7/16″ belt.

The selection process includes the following steps :

  • Step 1 : Determine Your Vessel’s Electrical Load.
  • Step 2 : Identify Your Existing Battery Bank Technology and Capacity.
  • Step 3 : Select Your Optimum Alternator Output.
  • Step 4 : Identify the Alternator Mounting Style Present on Your Engine.
  • Step 5 : Determine your Belt and Pulley Requirements.
  • Step 6 : Select Additional Charging System Options.

Balmar 6-Series Alternators General Features :

  • Balmar 6-Series Alternators are Designed for Recreational Marine Applications.
  • Light-duty 6-Series Alternators are engineered to replace most OEM alternators on a wide variety of marine gasoline and diesel engines.
  • Versions: 70 Amp, 100 Amp, 120 Amp and 150 Amp.
  • Balmar 6-Series alternators are available in (3) Mounting Configurations, which support (4) Mounting Styles
    • Saddle Mount: 3.15″ (Typical of Yanmar engines).
    • Single Foot Mount: Convertible to support 1″ Motorola and 2″ Delco style mounting configurations.
    • J-180 Mount: 4″.
  • Patented Smart Ready® Technology
    • SmartReady™ Internal Regulation is a feature unique to the 6-Series alternator.
    • SmartReady internal regulation enables the alternator to be used with smart Balmar external regulation, or as a stand-alone, internally regulated alternator system.
    • The SmartReady regulator is a fixed, 14.1-volt charge controller that is ideal as a built-in back-up regulator for the cruiser, or as a full-time regulator for systems where smart, multi-stage regulation is not required.
  • Dual Fan Cooling.
  • High Airflow Frame.
  • Maximum RPM: 12,000.
  • USCG Title 33, ISO, SAE and CE Compliant.
  • Ideal for Modest Charging Upgrades.
  • Balmar 6-Series Alternators deliver high-output performance in a compact, small-case package and is available in all four common mounting configurations.
  • While all Balmar’s high-output alternators are designed.
  • Recommended for use with Balmar multi-stage voltage regulators (Sold with Alternators in Kits or Separately).
  • The Balmar 6-Series Alternator utilizes Balmar’s Smart Ready® Technology
    • If battery loads are relatively small and your engine is running frequently, the alternator’s internal regulator may be sufficient to support your electrical needs without external regulation.
    • If your vessel utilizes larger deep-cycle battery banks or the engine’s duty cycle is less frequent (as is the case in most sailing applications), the 6-Series Alternator combines and works seamlessly with Balmar’s ARS-5 Voltage Regulator or Max Charge Voltage Regulator.
  • Purchased either individually or as a charging kit, 6-Series Alternators can solve a multitude of charging problems at a reasonable price
    • All Charging kits come with alternator, regulator and two temperature sensors.

6-Series Light Duty Marine Alternator Details

6-Series Output Power Take Off Mounting Individual Alternator Part Number Alternator Kit with ARS-5 Regulator Alternator Kit with Max Charge Regulator Altmount Pulley Kit Required?
70 A 2.8 HP 1-2″ Spindle 621-70-XX 621-VUP-70-XX 621-VUP-70-XX No
3.15″ Saddle 60-70-XX 60-YP-70-XX 60-YP-70-XX
100 A 4.0 HP 1-2″ Spindle 621-100-XX 621-VUP-100-XX 621-VUP-MC-100-XX
3.15″ Saddle 60-100-XX 60-YP-100-XX 60-YP-MC-100-XX
120 A 4.8 HP 1-2″ Spindle 621-120-XX 621-VUP-120-XX 621-VUP-MC-120-XX Yes
3.15″ Saddle 60-120-XX 60-YP-120-XX 60-YP-MC-120-XX
150 A 5.2 HP 1-2″ Spindle 621-150-XX 621-VUP-150-XX 621-VUP-MC-150-XX
3.15″ Saddle 60-150-XX 60-YP-150-XX 60-YP-MC-150-XX
70 A, 24V 5.6 HP 1-2″ Spindle 621-24-70-XX 621-VUP-24-70-XX
3.15″ Saddle 60-24-70-XX 60-YP-24-70-XX

(1) “XX” Pulley Designations: “SV” = 1/2″ Single Vee, “DV” = 1/2″ Dual Vee, “K6” = K6 Serpentine, “J10” = J10 Serpentine.
(2) A Max Charge Regulator Kit is required for 24 volt, Dual-Alternator or Twin Engine Applications.
(3) Additional 6-Series mounting styles (J-180 and Vortec)


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