Katadyn PowerSurvivor 40E Watermaker
Katadyn PowerSurvivor 40E Watermaker

Katadyn PowerSurvivor 40E Watermaker

Specification :

  1. 12-volts DC/4 Amps, 16.34″ X 15.37″ X 6.71″.
  2. 1.5 Gallons Per Hour.
  3. Designed to Produce Potable Freshwater from Clean Seawater.
  4. Item # : 500001.
  5. Brand : Katadyn.
  6. Model # : 8013438.
  7. Shipping Weight : 39.10 Lbs.

Features :

  1. Katadyn PowerSurvivor 40E is the world‘s smallest electrical desalinator and the PowerSurvivor-40E is the only power watermaker that converts to manual operation in emergencies. Special Manual Feature :

    • The PowerSurvivor-40E is the only power watermaker that converts to manual operation in case of a power loss.
    • Its capability for manual operation is useful when normal ship’s power is unavailable.
    • Note : The PowerSurvivor 40E watermaker was never intended to be part of a vessel’s “Abandon Ship” equipment.
  2. Simplicity: The 40E contains 40% fewer parts than its popular predecessor, the PowerSurvivor-35
    • Simplified construction and rugged design make the 40E remarkably easy to install, operate and maintain.
  3. Compactness: Extraordinarily compact, the 40E can be installed in the nooks and crannies otherwise unusable in many yachts.
  4. Efficiency: No watermaker draws so few amps.Using only 4 amps, the 40E can run for extended periods on alternative power alone.
  5. Durability:The heart of the 40E is the rugged stainless high-pressure pump. Armed for the rigors of the marine environment, this watermaker is built to last. We’re so certain, we’ve covered it with a superior warranty: 3 years on most components.
  6. It is simple to install and operate and, with reasonable care and maintenance, can be expected to provide years of useful service
  7. Silt or Sand can damage the membrane and internal pump components if not removed during pre-filtration
    • If you must regularly process such water, consider installing a Silt Reduction Kit.
    • Foul Intake Seawater can seriously affect the quality of the product freshwater.
    • The watermaker membrane is designed to remove the impurities found in clean, open ocean seawater.
    • Processing of seawater with other kinds of impurities may not remove those impurities and may damage or destroy the membrane.
    • Customer-supplied Equipment:
      • Every installation represents a unique challenge.
      • You or your installer will have to provide.
        • A reliable source of clean seawater for input to the prefilter 3-way valve.
        • Plumbing to an appropriate drain location for the reject brine water.
        • A plumbing solution for your freshwater collection tank.

Specifications :

  1. Technology2 : Reverse Osmosis.
  2. Output (+/- 15%): 1.50 gallons per hour (5.70 l/h ).
  3. Salt rejection (avarage) : 98.4% (min. 96%).
  4. Power requirements : 12 volts DC / 4 amps.
  5. Dimensions : 16.34″ x 15.37″ x 6.71″ (41.5 x 39.0 x 17.04 cm).


Technology Reverse osmosis.
Salt Rejection 98.4% on average (96% minimum). The desalination degree depends on factors such as water temperature and salinity.
Flow Approx. 5.7 l/h +/- 15%
Weight 11.3 kg.
Dimensions 15.2 H x 44.5 L x 40.5 B cm.
Current 12 Volt DC / 4 amp, 24 Volt DC / 3 amp.
Guarantee Guarantee
Material Stainless steel, plastics. Membrane approved by the US FDA (Food and Drug Administration). Authority.
Article No. 8013438 12 Volt DC, 8013439 24 Volt DC
Approvals Approvals


  1. Device for greatest convenience with unbeatable advantages (see Benefits).
  2. Can be operated both electrically and manually.
  3. Ideal for boats up to approx. 13 metres or one to four people.
  4. Compact and highly durable product which has been put to the test by, e.g., ocean sailors.
  5. Available as 12V or 24V unit.
  6. Optimum pump frequency in manual operation: 30 pumps per minute = almost 3 liters in 30 minutes.
  7. Makes boat owners independent of water stations on the coast.
  8. Covers entire daily water requirement (drinking, cleaning etc.) of 4 people at an operating time of 4 to 5 hours. By the way: the water requirement is much less on board than on land.


  1. Minimum and compact dimensions > does not waste a cm2 of space, can be put anywhere, produces 5.7 liters of water per hour > brings comfort on board and covers the entire daily water requirement of 4 people.

  2. High energy efficiency > low current consumption.
  3. Not an oversized system > fewer water standstill times, lower risk of germs reforming + higher useful life of membrane than with large systems.
  4. Can be operated manually > not dependent on electricity in an emergency.
  5. Runs smoothly > does not disturb the enjoyment of being at sea.
  6. Supply of drinking water independent of location > saves water reserves and costs.
  7. Tough design > 3 year guarantee.
  8. Very user-friendly design > simple to install, operate and maintain.
  9. Does not require additional pump or reserve cleaning systems.


To remove dissolved salts from seawater with reverse osmosis, part of the salt water is filtered through a semipermeable membrane. Only 10% of the water passes through the membrane. The remaining 90% flow past the membrane and at the same time cleans the membrane (self-cleaning effect). The small size of the “membrane pores“ ensures extremely pure drinking water, but extremely high pressures must be generated – normally 55 bar.

Reverse osmosis is used worldwide to obtain drinking water, e.g. in the semi-conductor industry and in medicine.



The Katadyn Energy Recovery system takes advantage of stored energy in the high pressure reject water that is typically wasted. The pressurized reject water is recirculated to the back side of the piston to aid the next stroke. This energy is kept in the system, resulting in less work to achieve fresh water.


Battery with at least 60Ah/12 V. The PowerSurvivor can be connected to existing sea valves. Appropriate adapters are supplied.


Silt Reduction Kit :

For waters with high levels of suspended matter, e.g. in shallow anchorage, we would recommend you use an additional prefilter. This additional filter is finer (5 microns – 1 micron = 0.001 mm) than the standard filter (30 microns) and is placed after it. A booster water pump (12V/0.8 A/h) is also provided. This pump compensates for the loss through the second filter and increases water production. We would also recommend the prefilter kit when the PowerSurvivor is not installed under the water line and when it is in constant use to increase the intervals between servicing.

Katadyn reserves the right to modify products



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