VCF Cooking Oil Filtration Machine
VCF Cooking Oil Filtration Machine

VCF Cooking Oil Filtration Machine


VCF Cooking Oil Filtration System(oil purifier) is developed to improve life of cooking oil and reduce frying cost by removing water, impurities, odor, acidity, color etc, instead of simply replacing the oil. Using vacuum dehydration technology with high precision different rate micro-glass filter element, it can help users stretch 20%–50% of oil usage, reduce your oil disposal needs, increase quality of your foods and provide better fried foods. VCF Cooking Oil Purifier is ideal filtration systems for cleaning of deep fryers and full fryer management.

VCF Cooking Oil Filtration Machine
VCF Cooking Oil Filtration Machine


  1. Stainless steel coarse filters, anti-corrosion and anti-corrupt. large capacity of holding particles
  2. Using the most advanced atomizing separation technology ensure water and gas vaporized sufficient time to complete removal of moisture and gas
  3. Oil level control, pressure control, voltage protection, phase sequence protection etc.
  4. Heating system adopts low-load design to ensure uniform heating oil
  5. Using filtration system is an extremely functional extension to any frying system.
  6. With cooking oil filter machine, customers quickly benefit through longer and more consistent shortening life and reducing waste.
  7. For edible usage of purified oil, we suggest to choose stainless steel body; for industrial, we suggest to choose steel carbon body.


Model VCF-10 VCF-20 VCF-30 VCF-50 VCF-100 VCF-150 VCF-200 VCF-300
Capacity 10 20 30 50 100 150 200 300
Working vacuum -0.06~-0.095 Mpa
Working pressure ≤ 0.4 Mpa
Temperature range 20-80℃
Water content ≤20 ppm
Gas content ≤ 0.1%
Acid Value ≤0.05 mKOH/g
Cleanness NAS 6 grade
Filtering precision ≤1 micron
Continuous work 100 hr
No failure running ≥5000 hr
Power supply 208V/220V/380V/400V/415/480V/575V (+/-10%), 50/60Hz, 3Phase
Working noise 65 dB
Heating power (kw) 24 24 30 40 60 90 145 160
Total power (kw) 27 27 33.5 44 65 97 157 178
Inlet/outlet(mm) 25 25 32 32 48 50 58 65
Weight (kg) 300 350 400 500 800 1000 1200 1350
Dimension (mm) L 1100 1230 1250 1500 1650 1750 1900 2000
Dimension (mm) W 800 810 850 950 1000 1200 1250 1350
Dimension (mm) H 1250 1260 1300 1400 1600 1750 1950 2100



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