Oil in the refrigeration system in marine

Indication oil in the refrigeration system :

  1. Temperature is not dropping in the cold rooms as normal, due to fact that oil act as insulation in the evaporator.
  2. It may cause excessive frost on the suction line.
  3. Refrigerant compressor runs for the extended period of time.
  4. Lubricating oil level in the compressor will drop.
  5. Refrigerant level will fall if oil has caused blockage.

Causes oil in the refrigeration system :

  1. This may happen if the oil separator is not working properly.
  2. Oil may carry over from the compressor and may not come back to the compressor due to blockage in the system.
  3. Defective piston rings or worn out liner of the compressor may cause the oil to carry over along with the refrigerant.
  4. Compressor may take high capacity current during starting.

Action oil in the refrigeration system :

  1. Check the oil separator for proper functioning.
  2. Check the drier for proper cleaning and if its require cleaning clean it
  3. Evaporator coil should be drained to remove any trace of oil.
  4. If there is oil in the cooling coils, increase the condenser and evaporator temperature differentials and remove excess frost on the suction pipe.
  5. Heat pipes with blow torch.

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