Cooling water strainer in ship Type FTR140


Cooling water strainers have a transparent cover for easy inspection of the filter without dismantling. Cleaning of the filter seldom needs to be done but can be easily and quickly achieved.

Typical Installation 
VETUS advises to install the water strainer always above the waterline. Only type CWS, the metal filter, can be installed below the waterline. Always install a sea-cock behind the inlet water scoop.

Type FTR140
This water strainer is available with 3 different hose connection diameters.
Specifications :
• Housing of Polypropylene GF.
• Filter element of HD Polyethylene.
• Cover of Styrol/Acrylonitrile SAN.

Type Internal hose Ø Recommended input
mm inches l/min.
FTR140/13 12,7 1/2 23
FTR140/16 15,9 5/8 35
FTR140/19 19,1 3/4 51


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