Marine flame detector
Marine flame detector

Flame detectors on ships

Light is produced from fire which has a flicker frequency with characteristics around 25Hz. With the flame detector, the spectrum in the infrared or ultra violet range can be monitored to give an alarm. Fires caused by oil generally will not emit smoke and this type of sensor is more widely used on ships, especially in places close to fuel handling equipment or boilers, this is to provide an early warning. In this surveyor examination, a functional test must be performed.

Furthermore, the flame detector is an instrument in the form of a sensor that can detect the value of the intensity and frequency of fire in a combustion process, in this case combustion in a boiler at a steam power plant. Flame detector can detect both of these caused by the supporting components of the flame detector. How it works flame detector is able to work well to catch a flame to prevent fires.

Generally the way a flame detector works to identify / detect fire using optical methods such as ultraviolet (UV), infrared (IR) spectroscopy and visual flame imaging. The way the flame detector works is designed to detect the absorption of light at certain wavelengths, which allows this tool to distinguish between the spectrum of light in a fire and a false alarm source.

Furthermore, the false alarm in question caused by the presence of lightning, radiation and solar heat that allows activating the flame detector. But with the development of technology, the way the flame detector works is better at capturing sparks that can cause fires. How it works Flame detector in this century is designed with a delay system of 2-3 seconds on this detector so that it can detect the source of fire early and allow no false alarm sources to occur.

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