Fire extinguisher for ship
Fire extinguisher for ship

Fire extinguisher for ship

Fire on the ship is something that must be avoided, because we know that fire on the ship can cause fatal things, both for the safety of shipping and the safety of the crew. Efforts to put out fires can be classified as follows:

  • Prevention aimed at preventing fires.
  • Active efforts aimed at putting out fires.

Various fire prevention efforts have been considered at the time the ship is planned, including the arrangement and placement of equipment that has been determined by the Classification Bureau.

Active fire extinguisher that is directly extinguishing the fire by using fire fighting equipment and fire extinguisher pipe system. This pipe system is also connected to the sea ​​chest as a seawater suction hole. Which includes fire extinguishers are leverage, hooks, fire axes, gunny, sand, hand fire extinguishers and others.

The purpose of the fire extinguisher system on the ship is to prevent fires, because there is a lot of sea water and the results are quite satisfying, therefore water is the main fire extinguisher on the ship. This system is used to extinguish fires on ships, except for burning coal, oil or electrical equipment.

The system used is a central blackout system and by means of copper pipes or galvanized pipes with a diameter of 50 to 100 mm, they are channeled to the specified places.

The shipping company must be skilled at seeing whether fire fighting equipment on the ship is already available on the ship or not because the fire on the ship can not be predicted.

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