Causes of fire on the ship
Causes of fire on the ship

Causes of fire on the ship

On ships, high-pressure fuel pipes are usually protected and generally leakage on ships occurs in tanks at the bottom of the engine known as leaky fuel tanks. Maintaining this system is very important so that it is always in good condition and usually to avoid leakage, it is carried out by testing the fuel tank alarm regularly and the alarm will sound.

It is therefore necessary for ship surveyors and ship engineers to routinely test the alarm when conducting an inspection.

Fuel leaks are mainly caused by vibrations in the pipe, pipe clamps rubbing against the pipe, causing wear and holes, pipe connections that are behind the pressure gauge are damaged due to an old connection (generally this is not seen directly) , leaks fittings in the boiler.

To deal with fire is mostly done by providing effective cover on hot surfaces such as for example turbochargers, main engine exhaust gases, steam pipes and pipes containing hot oil. Closing the burnt place can be done by machinists or crew (crew) during the docking process, the contractor who is specialized in this case can carry out this work will be better because it is professional. It must be accustomed to and cultured to put back all equipment after the work has finished closing the fire pit. Apart from all that, the important thing is to check or test a fire or fire detector regularly and periodically.

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