Centrifugal pump for marine
Centrifugal pump for marine

Functions and advantages of centifugal pump on ships

The function and superiority of the gear pump on the ship

Gear pump used on ships is for pumping fuel, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil. Gear pump (gear pump) is a type of positive displacement pump where the fluid will flow through the cracks of the gear with the walls of his house. Referred to as a pump because the fluid that is flowed is generally in the form of liquid (liquid) or slurry (slurry). While the positive displacement pump means that the pump sucks up a number of trapped fluid which is then pressed and moved towards the outlet. Gear pump is often used for hydrolic fluid power applications. However, it is not uncommon to be used in the chemical field to drain fluids at certain viscosities. There are two types of gear pump, namely external gear pump and internal gear pump. This pump is classified as fixed displacement because the amount of fluid flowed per rotation is always constant.

External gear pump

How does the external gear pump work :

Gear pump works by flowing fluid through crevices between teeth and walls. Then the fluid is released through the outlet channel due to the nature of the gear pair which always has a contact point. An ideal pair of gears will always have one point of contact with their partners even if the gears rotate. This is what is used by the gear pump mechanism to drain fluid. In other words, ideally the fluid will not enter through the contact points of the gear pair.

If the number of teeth is getting smaller, the volume of fluid that is flowing is getting bigger because the cavity between the gear with the wall is getting bigger too. Meanwhile, to increase flowrate can also be done by increasing the rpm of the gear. This type of pump does not need a valve / valve such as a reciprocating pump pad so that the loss can be reduced.

How to install an external gear pump :

  1. Keep the reservoir always above the gear pump position because the gear pump only has a low suction power.
  2. Do not let the gear pump dry, because usually the flowing fluid can also function as a lubricant.

Internal Gear Pump

How the Internal Gear Pump Works :

The internal gear pump works by utilizing the inner gear which is usually connected to the drive and the outer gear which usually acts as an idler. Initially the fluid enters through the suction port between the rotor (large gear) and the idler (small gear). Fluid then enters through the gaps in the gear. The crescent-shaped part divides the fluid and acts as a seal between the suction and the discharge port. The fluid that floods the discharge port will continue to be pushed by the fluid behind it so that the fluid continues to flow.

Internal gear pump applications include : 

  1. Various kinds of fuel oil and lubricants.
  2. Food products such as syrup, chocolate or peanut butter.
  3. Alcohol and solvent.
  4. Asphalt, bitumen and tar.
  5. Polyurethane foam.
  6. Paint, ink and pigment.

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