XP95 Manual Call Point For Marine
XP95 Manual Call Point For Marine

XP95 Manual Call Point For Marine


Brand Information

The XP95 range of analogue addressable fire detectors uses tried and trusted technology to give the best performance, and has unique features that benefit the installer and the end user. It is suitable for medium-to-large applications with simple installation requirements. As it operates using digital communication, XP95 has a high immunity from corruption, and is, therefore, often preferred in a large system where life safety is critical. XP95 products are frequently used in commercial, industrial, financial, government, IT/telecoms and healthcare applications.


The new Apollo XP95 EN54-11:2001 compliant Manual Call Point (MCP) is based on the KAC conventional MCP range. It is electronically and mechanically backward compatible with previous Apollo call points based on KAC’s World Series product. The address of each call point is set at the commissioning stage by means of a seven-segment DIL switch. A single bi-coloured alarm LED is provided on the call point. This LED is controlled, independently of the call point, by the control panel. The red LED is lit when the call point has been activated. An amber/yellow LED indicates a fault. Call points can be remotely tested from the panel by transmission of a single bit in the communications protocol. Call points respond by providing a value of 64 which corresponds to the alarm value.

XP95 Manual Call Point For Marine
XP95 Manual Call Point For Marine


The choice of detector from the XP95 range follows the well established principles of system design. That is, the optimum detector type will depend on the type of fire risk and fire load, and the type of environment in which the detector is sited. For general use, smoke detectors are recommended since these give the highest level of protection. Smoke detectors from the XP95 range may be ionisation, optical or multisensor types. It is generally accepted that ionisation types have a high sensitivity to flaming fires whereas optical detectors have high sensitivity to smouldering fires. As a result of this, ionisation types are widely used for property protection, and optical types for life protection. These general principles still apply to XP95 detectors although the availability of a multisensor in the range offers more choice to the system designer. The multisensor is basically an optical smoke detector and will therefore respond well to the smoke from smouldering fires. The detector also senses air temperature. This temperature sensitivity allows the multisensor to give a response to fast burning (flaming) fires, which is similar to that of an ionisation detector. The multisensor can therefore be used as an alternative to an ionisation detector – particularly since restrictions on the transportation of ionisation detectors have been introduced. Where the environment is smoky or dirty under normal conditions, a heat detector may be more appropriate. It must be recognised, however, that any heat detector will respond only when the fire is well stablished and generating a high heat output. Unless otherwise specified, devices described in this guide are suitable for indoor use only.

Device Addressing

The XP95 detectors provide an alarm facility that automatically puts an alarm flag on the data stream and reports its address when the pre-set EN54 thresholds are exceeded. The devices provide great flexibility in system design with the control equipment determining the characteristics of the system. A large and growing range of compatible control equipment is available from many sources – details are included in Apollo publication PP1010, which is available on request.


Apollo XP95

Backward Compatibility

The device is compatible with Series 90, Discovery® and XPlorer systems.

Maintenance & Service

Detectors should be maintained according to BS 5839-1 or other locally applicable code. Test equipment can be ordered from Apollo for testing smoke and heat detectors. Detectors should not be cleaned in the field except for careful removal of exterior dirt with a damp cloth. For cleaning and recalibration detectors should be returned to Apollo Fire Detectors or to the local distributor.


XP95 Manual Call Points are available with or without an isolator. Each version is available with a resettable element and a backbox for surface mounting as standard. If a glass is required, it is available on request. To provide additional protection against accidental operation, a transparent hinged cover with a locking tag, part number 26729-152 is available, which can be fitted to the manual call point.Please note that the call point does not conform to EN54-11:2001 when this lid is fitted and secured with the locking tag. For weatherproof call points see Discovery guide PP2052.

Product Information

A seven-segment DIL switch enables the addressing of each call point at commissioning stage. When operated, the manual call point interrupts the polling cycle for a fast response. Bi-coloured LEDs indicate isolate and normal conditions.


Warranty 10 year
Protocol Voltage (Min) 5V
Protocol Voltage (Max) 9V
Protocol Voltage 5 to 9V peak to peak
Power-Up Surge Current 1mA
Maximum Power-Up Time 1 second
Quiescent Current 100μA
Quiescent Current Tested At 24V dc
Alarm Current (At 24 Volts) 4mA
Humidity (Min) 0% RH
Humidity (Max) 95% RH
Humidity Note no condensation or icing
Humidity 0% to 95% (no condensation or icing)
Operating Temperature (Min) -20°C
Operating Temperature (Max) 60°C
Operating Temperature -20 to 60°C
IP Rating Value IP24
Storage Temperature (Min) -30°C
Storage Temperature (Max) 80°C
Storage Temperature -30 to 80°C
Standards EN 54-11
  • CCCf
  • SBSC
  • CPR
  • LPCB
Weight 151g
Colour Red
Materials Housing
  • Polycarbonate
  • ABS
Product Length 93mm
Product Width 89mm
Product Depth 26.5mm
Detection Principle Operation of a switch.



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