Aanderaa Sensor System For Oil and Gas

Aanderaa instrumentation sensor s

Aanderaa instrumentation has offered high quality information to improve the safety of the offshore operations for more than 40 years

Environmental Monitoring Systems

Aanderaa is a leading player in the collection and transmission of environmental information.  Accurate measurements improve environmental impact assessment and the preparation of contingency plans, operational models and forecasts, wherever offshore activities are conducted.  Our user defined Met-Ocean instrument platforms offer a smart and flexible observation system without the huge cost of a custom solution.

Aanderaa systems for offshore includes SEAGUARD®, RDCP, oil boom Doppler log, weather stations, wave and tide stations and buoy systems. Data from our equipment can be displayed over AIS, internet or to be integrated into other systems.

Aanderaa instrumentation Crane Systems

Since the 1970’s Aanderaa has offered crane load monitoring and safety systems through the MIPEG brand. It has become an industry standard for offshore crane load monitoring and safety systems.  Being engineered together with more than 40 international crane manufacturers, the MIPEG systems are used by more than 170 operators worldwide. The systems are currently in use on more than 2000 offshore installations.

Systems from Aanderaa can be used in a variety of operations such as :

• Windmill parks
• Oilrigs
• Buoys
• Barges

Aanderaa has close to 50 years of experience within deep sea exploration. Thousands of current meters are in use today in surveying the environment in and around areas with potential development for oil and gas. Take advantage of the reliability of our systems whether it is pre-development, during riser operations or operations monitoring.

Aanderaa instrumentation metocean Survey
Aanderaa instrumentation metocean Survey

Aanderaa instrumentation Metocean Survey

Characterization of oceanographic phenomena that have an impact on offshore operations.
• Reliable metocean data for assessment of environmental conditions such as current
speed and the most common water quality parameters.
• Ensure 100% data return on pre- development surveying

Aanderaa instrumentation Field development

• Safe riser operations by monitoring current speed during deployment.
• Excellent performance of current meter in dynamic environments, even with tilt up to 50
• Accessible data from current meter and optional water quality sensors to understand
conditions real-time.

Aanderaa instrumentation field development
Aanderaa instrumentation field development

Aanderaa instrumentation Field operations

• Metocean monitoring to understand impacts on subsea structures.
• Safe operations around rigs, floating platforms and helideck by monitoring wind,
visibility, waves and currents.
• Safe navigation of vessels in conjunction with oil field by real-time data of wind and
currents on AIS.

Close to 50 years of Reliable Solutions

Aanderaa Data Instruments AS is closing in on its 50th anniversary and the activity is higher than ever. Headquartered in Bergen, Norway, we design, manufacture and sell sensors, instruments and systems for measuring and monitoring in demanding environments. We export more than 80% of our products and services around the world, and we are an international market leader in several of our product areas. Our main market areas are Marine Transportation, Oil and Gas, Aquaculture, Environmental Research, Road and Traffic, and Construction. We are dedicated to find reliable
and long lasting solutions for our customers and we are working hard for a safer environment by measuring the processes in our industries and in the nature around us.

In 2012 we moved to a brand new facility designed specifically based on Aanderaa’s needs for a flexible building for all the major functions of the company. Manufacturing, sales, service, F&A, system integration and R&D now reside in open solutions over three floors with labs and manufacturing on the first two floors and the office spaces on the
third floor.

After being acquired by Xylem Inc., Aanderaa has a global sales force enabling us to serve our customers with a local presence in most major regions. Our integrated, reliable solutions still form the backbone of the company, and with system integration capabilities around the world, the Aanderaa team delivers both standard products and system
solutions adapted to fit the customer’s application.


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