Aanderaa Mipeg X Compact Safety System

Aanderaa Mipeg X Compact Safety System

Aanderaa instrumentation has offered high quality information to improve the safety of the offshore operations for more than 40 years.

Environmental Monitoring Systems

Aanderaa Mipeg X Compact Safety System is a leading player in the collection and transmission of environmental information. Accurate measurements improve environmental impact assessment and the preparation of contingency plans, operational models and forecasts, wherever offshore activities are conducted.  Our user defined Met-Ocean instrument platforms offer a smart and flexible observation system without the huge cost of a custom solution.

Aanderaa systems for offshore includes SEAGUARD®, RDCP, oil boom Doppler log, weather stations, wave and tide stations and buoy systems. Data from our equipment can be displayed over AIS, internet or to be integrated into other systems.Aanderaa Mipeg X Compact

Aanderaa Mipeg X Compact

The Compact 7” Display system :
Monitor and display the crane operation showing :
• Hook Load, the load suspended by the crane hook
• The crane operating Radius
• The operator selected Sea Duty and crane rigging, #Falls
• Based upon the selections, the crane OEM Safe Working Load ( SWL) will be displayed. The display units may either be the imperial Lbs & Feet or the Metric, Tonne and
• A large, clear analogue pointer will show the % of Safe Working Load ontop of the “traffic light” Green – Yellow – Red color band.

In addition the following is configurable features and settings:
• Safe reach
• Boom Angle, inclination above horizontal
• Crane Overturning / Tipping Moment

Configurable settings

Safe Reach Indicator, lets operator know how far to boom down with the actual weight carried by the hook before exceeding prewarning and alarm limits – “plan ahead tool”

User friendly

• Easy to understand using intuitive graphics and symbols.
Touch screen for simple, quick operation and acknowledgement
• High back lighting of 1000 cd/m2 – giving a visible display even in sunlight, dimmable for night operation.
• Resistive touch screen. May be used with gloves.
• On board help such as: guidance and help procedures

Extreme specification

• All parts including the operator`s display, ingress IP 66
• System operating temperature
− Cab equipment: -20 to 158oF (-30 to 70ºC)
− External, boom mounted equipment -40 to 158ºF
(-40 to 70ºC)
• Certification to meet both Atex and IECEx (zone 2)


The Mipeg X Compact use the same sensors, interface and logic and computer as the Mipeg X, allowing seemless possible upgrade to all Mipeg X features.
The Mipeg X Compact system is compatible with load and boom angle sensors used by previous systems such as Mipeg 500, 1000 and the Mipeg 2000.


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