Aanderaa SeaGuardII DCP 600kHz Doppler Current Profiler

SeaGuardII DCP
SeaGuardII DCP

Aanderaa instrumentation has offered high quality information to improve the safety of the offshore operations for more than 40 years

Environmental Monitoring Systems

Aanderaa is a leading player in the collection and transmission of environmental information.  Accurate measurements improve environmental impact assessment and the preparation of contingency plans, operational models and forecasts, wherever offshore activities are conducted.  Our user defined Met-Ocean instrument platforms offer a smart and flexible observation system without the huge cost of a custom solution.

Aanderaa systems for offshore includes SEAGUARD®, RDCP, oil boom Doppler log, weather stations, wave and tide stations and buoy systems. Data from our equipment can be displayed over AIS, internet or to be integrated into other systems.

Aanderaa SeaGuardII DCP 600kHz Doppler Current Profiler

Introducing SeaGuardII DCP :

• Multiparameter Doppler Current Profiler
• Scalable platform – from stand-alone to observatory hub
• Optimal flexibility in programming of data collection
• Intelligent compensation for non-ideal environments
• Increased deployment time – up to 2 years with 30 min. interval
• Smart data quality control
• Secure data from site to the office
• Modem support.

The SeaGuardII DCP – 600 kHz
The SeaGuardII DCP – 600 kHz

Aanderaa instrumentation Buoy

• Lower cost by removing the need for additional logger; SeaGuardII is the system data hub.
• Lower transmission cost by intelligent transmission interval settings.
• Store full datasets and transmit reduced amount of data.
• Direct connection and control of modems; radio, GSM, GPRS, Iridium, AIS, GOES.

Doppler Current Profiler
Doppler Current Profiler

Aanderaa instrumentation Mooring Line

• Upside down mounting
• Full flexibility of additional parameters on top end plate or distributed in the water column using AiCaP CANbus
• 2 serial inputs with power control
• 4 analog inputs
• Plug and play wave, tide, oxygen, conductivity, temperature and turbidity sensors.

Bottom mounted
• Measure closer to the bottom by combining with Aanderaa’s single point current sensor.
• Refer current cells to the surface to follow water level changes.
• Multi column capabilities.
• Surface current in top cms layer.
• Additional battery capability.

SeaGuardII DCP
• User selectable broadband or narrowband modes.
• Automatic flagging of bad data.
• Multi sensors groups with individual recording interval.
• Same power consumption in burst and spread mode.
• Advanced tilt compensation for each ping to achieve true current measurements.

Aanderaa SeaGuardII DCP – Doppler Current Profiler

For almost 50 years and more than 20 000 instruments used worlwide, Aanderaa Data Instruments is synonymous with quality, electronically and mechanically robust and reliable in all ocean environments.

SeaGuardII DCP is a scalable, easy to use current profiler. Its flexibility makes it the perfect instrument to address all scenarios of ocean observations and monitoring.

SeaGuardII is a smart data hub that combines the SeaGuard electronics with the advanced management firmware of Aanderaa SmartGuard data hub offering impressive capabilities. Combined with the newly developed Doppler Current Sensor, DCPS600, it forms the SeaGuardII DCP.

Unique extendable features
• Unique sensor network features
• Easy connection of AiCAP sensors
• Integration of 3rd party analog sensors
• RS232/RS422 inputs with power control

Profile flexibility
• User selectable broadband and narrowband modes
• Several profiles simultaneously
• Surface referred columns
• Surface current in top cm layer

Perfect instrument for buoy and system applications
• Unique motion compensation algorithms
• Modem support for direct connection to radio, GPRS, GOES, GSM or Iridium
• Weather station (through serial connection)
• Reduced transmission cost
• Store full datasets and transmit selected datasets
• Recording and transmission interval may be scheduled independently
• Automatic retransmission of missing datasets

Longer deployment time
• 24 months autonomous deployment with 30 minutes sampling
• Reduced power consumption (broadband technology)
• Increased battery capacity; up to 70Ah internal
• Optional user assembled battery

Additional features
• Double the measuring range with a single instrument; connect two plug and play DCP sensors
• Measure in the blanking zone combined with a single point current sensor

LED indicator
Visual confirmation of the instrument status

User friendly set up and data analysis
Predeployment configuration software :
• Real Time Collector
• USB, RS232 / RS422 connection
• Device layout
• Control recording
• Status monitoring

Post processing software: Data Studio
• Less then one minute from full data overview with table overview, 2D and 3D graphs, export function.

Real time web based display – GeoView :
• Both real time and historical data in graphs
• Data storage and retrieval from included database
• Several stations simultaneously

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