Integrated Filte/Separator Pump Systems for Today's Diesel Engine
Integrated Filte/Separator Pump Systems for Today's Diesel Engine

Integrated Filter/Separator Pump Systems for Today’s Diesel Engine

For the most advanced filtration in the world, Racor engineers have brought aerospace technology to the modern diesel engine. Brushless smart pumps deliver consistent fuel flow with the engine on or off. The fuel system conditions are analyzed, communicated and then adjusted through engine ECU commands. Racor Filter/Separator Pump Systems are a complete fuel conditioning module with primary and secondary filters, fuel heaters, sensors and regulators. Systems are engineered to meet any application, any operating environment and any mounting location. They can be delivered complete with hose, fittings and connectors to facilitate installation and reduce costs.

• Racor engineering has delivered breakthrough fuel filtration systems that help diesel engines meet stringent EPA emission standards. The intelligent pump inside the fuel filter module is an essential element, matching engine performance to mandated clean air requirements. Better fuel management translates into reduced emissions.

• Electronic sensors monitor, and then communicate, engine system conditions to the brushless pump. The pump responds quickly and precisely, controlling both fuel pressure and flow. Coupled with options and high efficiency filters, clean, dry fuel is delivered to the engine fuel injection system.

System Highlights

• Mechanical fuel pumps are engine driven, and so fuel pressure and flow vary with engine speed. During a hard start, a mechanical pump will take time to develop pressure.

The intelligent choice is an electric pump, which can operate at full flow at “key-on.” The fuel system is pressurized before the engine starter begins cranking. Efficient, consistent fuel flow results in reduced emissions and maintenance costs.

• The Racor brushless pump utilizes advanced electronics to energize the magnetic motor coils and vary the phase. Digital Signal Processor (DSP) electronics and the gerotor pump are designed to maintain constant pump speed – therefore speed does not vary with load. Racor electronics are “intelligent” and designed to analyze the fuel system and respond to the engine’s electronic control unit (ECU) commands, providing consistent and responsive fuel delivery even at reduced engine speeds.

Filter Pump Specification

Maximum Flow Rate 72 gph / 273 lph
Clean Pressure Drop <1 psi / 6.9 kPa
System Filtration Efficiency 98% @4 microns
Water Removal 100% per SAE tests
Material Biodiesel Compatibility B2 to B20 Biodiesel, Ultra-low sulphure diesel (ULSD) fuel
Maximum Pump Output Pressure @7 amps 50 psi/345 kPa
Pressure Regulation Variable to 50 psi /345  kPa
Pressure Transducer For closed-loop flow control
Pump Electrical Connector Deutsch DT06-65
Fittings Ports M16 Standard (or as specified


Racor filter materials
Racor filter materials

The patented P Series diesel fuel conditioning module was developed for installation on any diesel engine fuel injection system. P Series assemblies are available in three sizes and all feature 3/8″ NPT fuel ports. This innovative and modular fuel filter/water separator incorporates low-pressure fuel system components into a single package. The P Series Diesel Fuel Conditioning Module is available with a brushless pump.


Basic Models




Maximum Flow Rate 30 gph / 114 lph 40 gph / 170 lph 50 gph / 227 lph
Clean Pressure Drop 0.4 psi / 2.8 kPa 0.5 psi / 3.4 kPa 0.8 psi / 5.5 kPa
Maximum Pump Output at 14 volts / 70 psi (480 kPa) / 6.2 amps 40 gph / 151 lph 40 gph / 151 lph 40 gph / 151 lph
Pump Output Pressure 10 to 70 psi (60 kPa to 480 kPa) 10 to 70 psi (60 kPa to 480 kPa) 10 to 70 psi (60 kPa to 480 kPa)
Standard Fuel Port Size (SAE J476) 3/8″ – 18 npt 3/8″ – 18 npt 3/8″ – 18 npt
Biodiesel Compatible B2 to B20 B2 to B20 B2 to B20
Total Number of Ports Available: 2 2 2
Fuel Inlets 1 1 1
Fuel Outlets 1 1 1
2 micron R58060-2 R58095-2 R58039-2
10 micron R58060-10 R58095-10 R58039-10
30 micron R58060-30 R58095-30 R58039-30
Minimum Service Clearance 2.5″ (28 mm) 2.5″ (28 mm) 2.5″ (28 mm)
Height 7.7″ (196mm) 9.0″ (229 mm) 11.5″ (292 mm)
Depth 5.2″ (132 mm) 5.2″ (132 mm) 5.2″ (132 mm)
Width 4.8″ (122 mm) 4.8″ (122 mm) 4.8″ (122 mm)
Weight (dry) 3.4 lb (1.5 kg) 3.8 lb (1.7 kg) 4.2 lb (1.9 kg)
Features :

Water Sensor


Pressure Regulator (10 psi)













Operating Temperature -40° to +255°F / -40° to +121°C

How To Order – The example below illustrates how part numbers are constructed.

P4 2 10 N H
Specify‘P3’ for 30 gph, ‘P4’ for 40 gph, or ‘P5’ for 50 gph ‘2’ must be in the part number. (It species a 12V DC Pump) Specify micron rating of element: ‘02’, ‘10’, or ‘30’ ‘N’ must be in the part number. (It specifies standard 3/8″ npt ports) ‘H’ must be in the part number. (It specifies a 12V DC, 150-watt heater)

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