Marine refrigeration
Marine refrigeration

Refrigeration system problem in ship, compressor starts but stops immediately

When the compressor in the reefer circuit starts and suddenly stops, it can be because of the following reasons :



Low pressure cut out gets activated Ensure that all the suction line valves are in open condition, the refrigeration is properly charged and the low pressure cut out is not defective
 Defective oil pressure cut out  Check for proper functioning of oil pressure cutout and replace the defective cutout
 Defrosting timer is getting activated frequently  If the defrost timer is getting activated frequently, leading to cutout of compressor, check and repair defrost timer
 The lube oil level is below required level  This can be because of leakage of lube oil from seal or carry over of oil. Rectify the leakage and refill the oil level
 Foaming of oil leading to reduced oil pressure  Ensure no foaming takes place, renew the oil if required
 Motor overload cutouts are activating  Ensure that electrical motor trips are working properly

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