Marine Refrigeration
Marine Refrigeration

Refrigeration system problem in ship, reducing oil level in compressor

If the oil level in the compressor crank case of the refrigeration system is reducing within short intervals, this indicates leakage or increase in consumption of lube oil due to following reasons :

Reasons Solutions
Nozzle or filter clogged. Ensure that the nozzle in oil return line or filter in solenoid valve is cleaned and not choked.
Foaming of oil due to liquid in suction line. Foaming of oil may arise due to liquid refrigerant entering the crankcase. Replenish oil and troubleshoot cause of liquid in suction of compressor.
Drive side seal leaking. The compressor is provided with oil seal at the drive side. Ensure it is not leaking and renew it if required.
Worn out piston rings/ liner leading to oil carryover in the system. Renew the compressor piston rings or liner.


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