Oil Water Separator

Oil Water Separator
Oil Water Separator

IMO Certified Oil Water Separator

Five Standard Size Available

  1. Model 2.2T/107 : 2.2 gpm (0.5m3/hr). Application for ship 400-1600 GT.
  2. Model 5T/107 : 5 gpm (1.1m3/hr). Application for ship 1600-4000 GT.
  3. Model 11T/107 : 11 gpm (2.5m3/hr). Application for ship 4000-15000 GT.
  4. Model 25T/107 : 25 gpm (5.7m3/hr). Application for ship 15000GT+&rigs.
  5. Model 45T/107 : 45 gpm (10.2m3/hr). Application for Rigs and Larger Ships.

    Oil Water Separator
    Oil Water Separator

Oil Water Separators – Specification Sheet

Specification 2.2 GPM5 GPM11 GPM25 GPM45 GPM
Height (inch/cm)56 (142)58 (147)77 (195)80 (203)85 (216)
Width (inch/cm)27 (69)32(81)39 (99)47 (119)54 (137)
Depth (inch/cm)42 (106)48 (121)58 (147)78 (198)100 (254)
Dry Weight (lbs./kilogram)480 (218)775 (351)1275 (578)2475 (1123)3875 (1758)
Wet Weight (lbs./kilogram)660 (299)1200 (544)2225 (1009)4695 (2130)8580 (3892
Capacity gpm/ M3
2.2(0.5)5 (1.1)11(2.5)25(5.7)45(10.2)
Pipe connections In/Out¾” – ½”1” – ¾”1” – ¾”1 ½” – 1 ½”2” – 1½”
Standard dimensions can vary with options chosen


Specification ValueAdvantage
IMO MEPC Compliance107(49)Meets Latest Requirement
Expected Oil in Discharge
Water(independent tests)
Less than 3.2 PPM
by independent test
Far exceeds the required 15ppm
Great for the environmen
Emulsion Removal MethodHigh Capacity FiltrationSimpler/more trouble free than membranes
Expected Filtration Media Life1 yearExtra long lasting without bypassing
Water Discharge Pressure90Ft of HeadDesigned for any situation
Oil Discharge PressureMakeup Water PressureDetermined by makeup water
Oil Discharge ValveStandard Check ValveOptional MOV where Positive Head
Control System TypeSolid CircuitIncreased reliability – No PLC trouble
Control System Interface6 dry contactsEasy to interface with ship controls
Test PSIG45Quality Construction
Operating Temp Range1-55 CGenerally not affected by temperature
Max Free Oil Concentration35%Large temporary slugs of oil up to 100%
Oil in Water Discharge with TPH<15 ppmCan be set to 1-15ppm
Single Phase Power Options110/120vac
Any power option 1 phase
Three Phase Power Options210/220vac
3 phase options to 600VAC
Frequency50 or 60 HzEither frequency no problem
Max Amperage3.3-7.7 ampsRecommend 15 amp circuit
Max Turbidity for Accurate TPH Reading35 NTU standardHigh Turbidity Options Available
Design Negative Inlet Head (Ft/M)12 ft./ 3 MHigh Lift 5 Meter Option Available
Level SensorConductanceHighly Reliable- Trouble Free
PumpCentrifugal w SS
Highly Reliable – No emulsions created
pump on the discharge side of separator
Coalescing MediaPolypropylene / HDPEExcellent Coalescing – Very Efficient
Vessel MetallurgyCarbon SteelMarine Coated
Coating SpecificationEpoxy/UrethaneHighest Quality Coating
Skid / Drip PanStandard without skidSkid or Drip Pan Optional
Piping and Manual ValvesBronze / Red BrassExcellent


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