Refrigeration system problem in ship, high compressor discharge temperature

Marine refrigeration

Ship Refrigeration
Ship Refrigeration

It may happen that all the provision rooms or cargo holds are maintained at correct temperature, but in doing so the discharge temperature of the compressor is going above the limit. This problem may arise due to following reasons :



Excessive suction temperature due to less refrigerant in the circuit. Recharge the circuit to maintain refrigerant quantity in the circuit. Ensure TEV is set properly and supplying enough to the evaporator, else degree of superheat will result in increase of suction and discharge temperatures of the compressor.
Leak in the discharge valve leads to generation of heat. Renew the leaky valve.
Leak in the safety valve. Renew safety valve.
Open bypass between suction and discharge. Control the bypass to avoid this.
Ship Refrigeration
Ship Refrigeration


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