High Resolution JMC Fish Finder Model V-1502

JMC Fish Finder Model V-1502
JMC Fish Finder Model V-1502

High Resolution JMC Fish Finder Model V-1502 one of the navigation and communication equipment that must be installed on the ship and marine and offshore structure.

Since its establishment in 1969, Japan Marina Co., Ltd. (JMC) has been a devoted manufacturer of marine electronics equipment. Our reputation for providing quality professional products and services has been well earned and is respected internationally in the areas of fishing and maritime navigation.

Today we manufacture and market products and systems for all sizes and types of commercial fishing ships and merchant marine vessels under own JMC brand as well as supply GMDSS and wheel mark-approved equipment to major marine electronics companies.

High Resolution JMC Fish Finder Model V-1502
High Resolution JMC Fish Finder Model V-1502

Featuring :

● Dual-Frequency professional fish finder equipped with a 15 inch XGA LCD Display.
● Fully automatic operation (AUTO mode) is available for bottom tracking (automatic range
selection and automatic adjustment of receiver gain control.
● 18 selectable main depth range and 15 sub range for suitable fishing.
● Higher-than-normal sounding rates for enhanced fish detection capability at shallow
depths when traveling at high speeds or when searching for fast-moving target.
● Bottom-locked expansion function to easily discriminate bottom-feeding fish from the seabed contour or to survey the nature of bottom in greater detail.

Specifications :

Display Screen : 15 inch XGA 1024 x 768 dot Color TFT LCD with LED backlit
Echogram color : 16 echogram color presentation with 5 selectable background color
Operating Frequencies : Dual-Frequencies combination from 28kHz, 50kHz or 200 kHz
Transmit Power : 1kW (50/200KHz), 2kW (50/200KHz), (28/200KHz), (28/50KHz)
Depth Ranges : 3.0 to 2000m, 3.0 to 2000FM, 3.0 to 2000BR, 10 to 7000FT
Mode of operation : Auto Mode (Range and Gain) or Manual mode
Velocity standard : 2 selectable velocity for sea-water (1500 m/s) or freshwater
Position Display : External GPS position display
Alarm : Bottom alarm (Shallow or Deep), Fish alarm
External Interface : RS-422 and 8-pin NMEA0183 connector
Output : Real-time output of sounding data along with GPS-derived information
from external GPS source
Input data : $GPRMC, GPGGA,$GPVTG,
Output data : $SDDPT (Depth), $WIMTW (Temperature)
Cabinet size : 356mm (W) x 323mm (H) x 98.5mm (D)
Display unit Weight : 4.5 kg Main unit, 1.5 kg Mounting bracket
Power Requirements : 11 – 40VDC, floating ground approx.36W

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