Phillystran Rope
Phillystran Rope

Founded in 1972, Phillystran is ‘the’ specialist in high performance, synthetic fiber ropes for demanding applications. By combining cutting edge technical know-how with the industry’s broadest range of advanced fibers, Phillystran has a reputation for excellence in the development of ropes that set the standard for performance, longevity and efficiency.

Phillystran rope has led the development of synthetic ropes for applications previously performed by steel wire ropes, with significant performance and cost benefits. Our products are used worldwide in a broad range of marine, industrial and naval rope applications including mooring lines, life lines and winch lines, boat rigging, structural support lines, power cables, broadcast tower guy cables and seismic cables.

Phillystran Rope Application
Phillystran Rope Application

Phillystran Trusted Solutions Partner

Phillystran’s knowledge and experience means we are a trusted solutions partner for companies looking for efficiency and productivity improvements – we help companies do it better. We specialize in producing custom designed strength members for specific applications. Over 50% of the products supplied by Phillystran are custom manufactured to exacting project requirements.

Unlike other manufacturers that offer a limited range of yarns, Phillystran gives you access to the industry’s broadest range of high tenacity fiber ropes, strands, braids and strength members. These include Kevlar®, Twaron®, Technora®, Vectran®, Spectra®, Dyneema® and Zylon®, to develop products that maximize the unique properties of these high tenacity fibers. Phillystran also manufacturers polyester and nylon ropes for specialized applications.

Phillystran Market Leading Innovation

In addition to access to the industry’s widest range of high performance yarns, Phillystran is a leader in rope construction and engineering. Our proprietary four strand, wire lay construction around an independent synthetic core, where each strand is individually overbraided, offers outstanding levels of abrasion resistance and service life.

Phillystran is an active member of the Cordage Institute, and works on the development of international standards, guidelines, test methods and other technical documents for rope and cordage products. Phillystran product quality and customer service are second to none. Phillystran is fully certified according to ISO 9001:2015. Our commitment to innovation is matched by our drive to continually improve quality across the business by controlling product design, inspecting all raw materials, monitoring key elements of the manufacturing process, and conducting final product testing and inspection. Moreover, as a rope is only as strong as its termination, all Phillystran ropes are supplied fully terminated, using our proprietary socketing compound A-20 resin to ensure the strongest possible bond.

As a member of the WireCo Worldgroup, Phillystran also has access to a global network of research and development into high performance yarns and engineered ropes unmatched in the industry. As continued research brings new and better fibers to market, Phillystran is
able to develop new ropes to expand the scope for synthetic fiber rope naval applications. Our goal is to give your business a competitive edge with ropes that enhance application performance and streamline equipment functionality.

For over 30 years, Phillystran has worked with the US Navy and US Coastguard to develop and supply ropes that set the benchmark for synthetic rope performance and innovation. Phillystran ropes are NAVSEA approved for lifelines, mooring and towing lines, together with boat preventer stays, lashing ropes and rigging lines.

Phillystran fi ber ropes are characterised by outstanding performance, strength, ease of handling and industry leading, reduced recoil safety feature. In addition to access to the industry’s widest range of high performance yarns, Phillystran is a leader in rope engineering and constructions.

Industry leading rope performance

Phillystran four strand, wire lay construction ropes (PSFS) have been specifi cally designed for dock mooring lines, (fl oating) dry dock tending lines, breast lines, storm lines or any application requiring ropes that are easy to handle and splice. PSFS ropes consist of four aramid fi ber strands around an independent synthetic core, with a range of jacket types for outstanding levels of abrasion resistance and enhanced service life.

Phillystran Aramid fi ber ropes provide the strength and low-stretch characteristics of steel with the light-weight, non-corrosive, and dielectric properties of fi ber ropes. Electrically transparent, Aramid ropes are an ideal replacement for steel cables in hand rails, and mast and antenna stays to eliminate inter-modulation and electromagnetic interference, improving received and transmitted signal patterns.

Phillystran polyester ropes use special yarn fi nishes, combined with top grade polyester fi ber and a unique 7 strand wirelay construction, to produce a polyester rope with superior properties compared to conventional polyester ropes. Suitable for lifelines, tow lines and mooring lines, these ropes are proven to exceed the fatigue life of wire rope, and with higher durability than nylon or aramid fi ber products.

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