LO 200H High Intensity LED Range Light Signal

Leading-Range Lanterns LO 200H Range Lantern
Leading-Range Lanterns LO 200H Range Lantern

LO 200H High Intensity LED Range Light Signal is designed to be used as a long range directional light, a port entry signal or a lock traffic signal where long range and high visibility are required. Due to the high luminous output, this light can also be used in applications requiring daytime visibility.

The lantern housing forms a solid single-piece heat sink for the high power LEDs, offering the best possible thermal management and ensuring a long lifetime.

• High intensity precision range light equipped with high power LEDs.
• Intermediate horizontal and vertical beam of 8° (FWHM).
• Integrated sun shield to protect lens from dirt and improve contrast.
• Integrated 3-axis alignment of beam for easy installation.
• Aluminium housing fully waterproof with PTFE vent for breathing.
• Visual range up to 18 nm (Tc = 0.74).
• Standard IALA colours Red, Green, White and Yellow.
• The range light has an integrated LED driver, but no flasher or photocell.
• For additional functionality, the Sabik LHC unit can be connected to the lantern.
• The range light is delivered with an acid-proof steel mounting mechanism.

LO 200H Range Lantern Size
LO 200H Range Lantern Size

Optical performance

Maximum intensity

At full power 50 W 50.000 cd 70.000 cd 100.000 cd 50.000 cd
Main Technical Specification
Lens visual/Mechanical diameter 200 mm (8“)
Lens material UV stabilized Polycarbonate
Light source Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
Lens divergence
(horizontal and vertical)
8° @ 50 % (± 1°) of peak intensity, 15 @ 10% (± 2°) of peak intensity
Unit lifetime Up to 10 years
Weight 10 kg
Temperature range -40°…+60°C
Supply Voltage 20 – 30 VDC
Power consumption 50 watts

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