LO 200 High Intensity LED Range Light Signal

JFC LO 200 Range Lantern
JFC LO 200 Range Lantern

LO 200 High Intensity LED Range Light Signal is designed for applications requiring medium and long range directional light, such as range lights and port entry signals.

  • High intensity precision range light.
  • Intensity adjustable from 5% to 100%.
  •  Housing fully waterproof with PTFE vent for breathing
  • Visual range up to 15nm (Tc = 0,74)
  • Standard IALA colours Red, Green, White and Yellow
  • Low power consumption, ideal for solar system
  • Flasher with day light switch can be integrated in lantern or installed externally in battery cabin
  • Integrated 16 ampere PWM solar panel regulator when flasher is integrated
  • Programming with wireless Sabik Easy Programmer, PDA Programmer or USB/IR interface
  • Optionally internal, GPS synchronization
  • Optional night time reduction, if operated day and night

    LO 200 Range Lantern Size

Optical performance

Maximum intensity

At full power 12/15 W 20.000 cd 20.000 cd 25.000 cd 20.000 cd
Main Technical Specification
Lens visual/Mechanical diameter 203 mm (8“)
Lens material UV stabilized Polycarbonate
Light source Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
Lens divergence
(horizontal and vertical)
4° @ 50% (± 1°) of peak intensity, 8° @ 10 % (± 2°) of peak intensity
Unit lifetime Up to 10 years
Weight 8 kg
Temperature range -40°…+60°C
Supply Voltage 9 – 28 VDC
Power consumption 15 watts red /yellow, 12 watts green/white at full intensity

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