Nova-65 Led marine lantern

Nova-65 Led marine lantern
Nova-65 Led marine lantern

The Nova-65 Led marine lantern features unique and proprietary optics which provide a 360° beam at 5°, 10°, 20° or 30° vertical divergence.

Utilizing a highly efficient compact lens, the Nova-65 is a one of a kind, small, lightweight marine beacon. The 10° divergence lens is ideal for fixed or floating aids to navigation while the 20° and 30° lenses provide exceptional performance on buoys. The 5° lens can be used to meet specific needs that require a much longer range while still using a minimal amount of power. The 20° and 30° options are ideal for use on floating aids prone to roll.

Two options of housing are available for general marine use (GMU) and for NEC Class 1 Division 2: polycarbonate and a ruggedized metal version. For ATEX/IECEx (Category 3), housing is available in ruggedized metal only and with a 10° lens. Both housing options are designed to withstand the harsh marine environment including: ice buildup in extremes of latitude and the high temperatures experienced along the equatorial plane.

IP-66 and IP-68 make Nova-65 the choice of professionals.


  • User selectable power and flash code settings for multiple visual range performance
  • Full monitor and control capability
  • SignalView™ program to set user options
  • Approved by USCG for class A, B and C offshore structures
  • A constant current power source provides maximum lifetime of LEDs
  • Temperature compensated LED drive circuits ensure uniform brightness with ambient temperature change
  • Hard Wire Synchronization
  • Proven Long Term Reliability


  • GPS Synchronization
  • 5°, 10°, 20° or 30° vertical divergence lens

Nova-65 Led marine lantern specification

Input Voltage – General Marine Use (GMU) 9 to 36VDC
Input Voltage – Hazardous Area 9.5 to 32VDC
Power Consumption – Nova-65 Variable up to 10W (2W for EX version)
Power Setting Field selectable
Colors Available Red, green, yellow, white, blue
Operating Temperature for GMU & NEC Class 1 Division 2 -40° C to +70° C
Operating Temperature for ATEX/IECEx (Category 3) -40° C to +60° C
Storage Temperature -40° C to +70° C
Vertical Divergences – GMU & NEC Class 1 Division 2 5°, 10°, 20° and 30° degrees, all colors
Vertical Divergence – ATEX/IECEx (Category 3) 10° degrees, all colors
Quiescent Current – Light Only <2mA
Quiescent Current – With GPS <3mA
Flash Codes Up to 256 codes, field selectable
Synchronization – GMU & NEC Class 1 Division 2 GPS or hard wire options
Synchronization – ATEX/IECEx (Category 3) Hard wire only
Monitor and Control Capable
Visibility 360° horizon (omnidirectional)
Sunswitch Threshold Adjustable
Physical Measurements
Base Mounting
230mm (9.1in) maximum diameter
171mm (6.7in)
Polycarbonate 0.77kg (1.7lbs) Aluminum 1.97kg (4.3lbs)
IP-Rating – GMU & NEC Class 1 Division 2 IP66 / IP 68
IP-Rating – ATEX/IECEx (Category 3) IP 66


Nova-65 Led marine lantern Dimension

Nova-65 Led marine lantern dimension
Nova-65 Led marine lantern dimension

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