Nova-65 SC Self-contained marine lantern

Nova-65 SC Self-contained marine lantern picture
Nova-65 SC Self-contained marine lantern picture

The Nova-65 SC Self-contained marine lantern features unique and proprietary optics which provide a 360° beam at 5°, 10°, 20° or 30° vertical divergence. Utilizing a highly efficient compact lens, the Nova-65 SC is engineered to utilize the advanced and cost-effective technology of LEDs.

Solar modules and high-grade batteries are housed in a compact self-contained marine lantern, designed for low maintenance with a projected service life of 10 years before any significant maintenance is needed. The 5° and 10° divergence lenses are ideal for fixed or floating aids to navigation while the 20° or 30° lens provides exceptional performance on buoys. The 5° lens can be used to meet specific needs that require a much longer range while still using a minimal amount of power.


  • User selectable power setting for visual range
  • Photovoltaic system sized for demanding locations
  • SignalView software to program user options
  • Temperature compensated LED drive circuits ensure uniform brightness with ambient temperature change
  • Availability in all IALA approved colors
  • Constant current power source for maximum LED lifetime
  • Optional GPS synchronization module
  • Optional GSM and Satellite monitoring
  • Optional AIS AtoN module for message 21and monitoring via message 6
  • 256 user selectable flash characters
  • Full monitor and control capability
  • Optional 5°, 10°, 20° or 30° lens

Nova-65 SC Specification

Input Voltage 12VDC
Power Consumption Variable up to 5W
Power Consumption Field Selectable
Colors Available Power Setting Red, green, yellow, white and blue
Quiescent Current  Light only < 2 mA; with internal GPS < 3 mA
Visibility  360° horizon (omnidirectional)
Vertical Divergence 5°, 10°, 20° or 30° degrees at 50%; ± 1 degree
Monitor and Control Capable
Flash Codes Up to 256 codes, field selectable or via communication link
Synchronization  GPS or hardwire options
Sunswitch Threshold Adjustable
Operation Temperature  -40° C to +70° C
Weight  20kg (44lbs)
Size L 578mm (23in) x W 410mm (16in) x H 549mm (22in) plus an additional 75mm (3in) each for the two handles
Relative Humidity  100% condensing
Atmosphere Rated for continuous operation in a salty air
Wind Designed to withstand speeds in excess of 300kmph (180mph)
Solar Panels  4 Panels, each at 12 Volts 5.5W Nominal
Battery Capacity 38 or 45 Amp-hour
Battery Type Sealed Lead Acid
Construction Rotationally molded polyethylene
Mounting  4 mounting 18mm (0.7in) holes on a 465mm (18in) diameter bolt hole circle
Base Removable base

Nova-65 SC Dimension

Nova-65 SC dimension
Nova-65 SC dimension

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