SKIPPER ESN200 IMO Wheelmarked Echo Sounder

SKIPPER ESN200 Echo Sounder

The SKIPPER ESN200 is a navigation Echo Sounder with a black box and a 9″ touch display. The Echo Sounder graphics are continuously shown on the screen along with complete navigational details. Most of the functions are automatic. The ESN200 is a dual frequency Echo Sounder.

SKIPPER ESN200 Echo Sounder Application
SKIPPER ESN200 Echo Sounder Application

SKIPPER ESN200 Display

  • IMO Wheelmarked with MED-B
  • Navigation Echo Sounder
  • Dual frequency
  • Colour 9″ touch screen
  • Auto/Manual Gain
  • Auto/Manual TVG
  • Auto/Manual Range
  • Auto/Manual Power
  • INS and IBS ready

Specifications :

Echo Sounder : ESN200
Functions : Auto/Manual TVG
Auto/Manual Gain
Auto/Manual   Power
Auto/Manual   Range
Transducer   positioning
Internal sounder   for alarm/button press
Power Supply : DC: 20-32 V
AC: 115/230 V
Display : 9″ Touch Display
Mounting Dimensions : 224.5 mm wide x 140 mm high (Cut-out)
242 mm wide x   158 mm high (Outside dimensions)
Memory : 24 hours history, external logging feature over   network
Ranges : Selectable from 0-5 m
Selectable from   0-5000 m
Measuring accuracy: Error less than 1 %
Frequencies : Approved frequencies: 50/200 kHz, 200 kHz 50   kHz and 38 kHz
Other   frequencies covered: 24, 30, 33, 100 and 210 kHz
Output power : Nominal 700 W
Max> 1000 W
Alarms : BAM compatible (IEC62923) (ALF and ALR)
Interlan sounder
Relay output and   AUX in/out
Calendar/clock : From GPS input
Data output : 2xLAN (IEC61192-1) Control unit
5xNMEA0183   (IEC61162-1) Control unit
2xAUX Control   unit
1xRelay Control   unit
3xNMEA0183   Display unit
1xLAN Display   unit
Inputs : 3xNMEA0183(IEC61162-1) Control unit
1xAUX Control   unit
2xNMEA0183   Inputs (IEC61192-1) Display
1xLAN Display
Accepting   signals from GPS, Gyro, Alarm and Draft sensor
Language : English
Option : Remote depth indicators
24 kHz   transducer
38 kHz   transducer
50 kHz   transducer
200 kHz   transducer
Dual 50/200 kHz   transducer
Retrofit plate   for GDS101/GDS102
Remote dimmer
Classification : IMO Wheelmarked
Service : Available in most major harbours, world-wide   through extensive dealer network


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