AMOT Valve Model 3-Way Rotary Control Valves

Pneumatic Model GPD Valve
Pneumatic Model GPD Valve

AMOT Valve Model G 3-way rotary control valves provide a high degree of accuracy for precise temperature control in both mixing and diverting applications. If you experience long warm-up times, excessive white smoke coming from the exhaust, or difficulty regulating fluid temperatures at idle, replace your thermostatic valve with an externally-actuated AMOT Model G without the need for piping modifications. Models include GEF, GPD, and GG.

ELectric Model GEF Valve
ELectric Model GEF Valve

In addition to the standard valve, AMOT offers two Low Leak Model G options: ANSI Class II (0.5% leakage rate) and ANSI Class IV (0.01% leakage rate). Contact us for more details.


The heavy-duty, compact design fits in cramped spaces and withstands high vibration applications to minimize stem leaks and actuator board failures.

The external temperature sensing probe enables more precise, more responsive temperature control. With the Model G, you can maintain a temperature setting to within +/- 1oF.


Our unique design allows ports to be configured to suit any installation requirement. The Model G can operate equally well as a stand-alone valve or as part of a complete control system. In addition, we offer a variety of models, sizes, actuator types, communication protocols, and other options to help you specify exactly what you need.


The AMOT Model G valve has over 25 years of proven performance in Marine, Power Generation, and Oil & Gas applications.

Typical applications

For engines, turbines, gearboxes and heat exchangers :
l Charge air cooling
l Secondary cooling systems
l Fuel and lube oil preheating
l Co-generation
l Engine jacket water

For refineries, chemical plants and oil reproduction :
l Waste heat boilers
l Product coolers
l Product heaters
l Product condensers

Key benefits

l Ease of integration – valve size matches pipe size, resulting in reduced installation time and installation costs
l Flexible design – ports can be configured to suit installation
l Low pressure drop – compared to other valve types
l Small physical size
l Hand wheel allows manual adjustment of valve (optional on pneumatic valve) – simplified set up and maintenance

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