Wastewater treatment
Wastewater treatment

Wastewater treatment

Evac EcoTrap

Removal of harmful solids and liquids

The Evac grease separators, Evac EcoTrap and Evac SGT, separate grease from galley wastewater in marine and offshore applications. Gray water from food preparation areas on board vessels typically contains significant amounts of grease, which is harmful to piping, valves, tanks, pumps, and other components of sewage and wastewater treatment systems.

Grease can cause deposits, pipe clogging, and unpleasant odors, and removing it requires inconvenient and expensive cleaning. Grease can be separated from water with a grease separator. If gravity drainage is an issue, a vacuum grease separator can be used.

Wastewater treatment
Wastewater treatment

The Evac grease separators

The Evac grease separator range includes both manually operated and automatic models. In the manual models grease is discharged via a manhole. Our automatic grease separators are equipped with a discharge pump and one or more heating elements. The collected grease and sludge is discharged by the pump, which can be started manually or automatically.

Our Evac grease separator range consists of three product families :

  • Standard grease separators that fulfill the requirements of the DIN 4040-1 standard, with some marine modifications.
  • Grease separator systems.
  • Grease separators for vacuum systems.

    Grease Separator
    Grease Separator


  • Manual or automatic operation.
  • Low maintenance.
  • DIN 4041-1 and EN 1825-1/2 compliant.
  • Competitively priced.
  • Odor-free.
  • No gravity drainage needed.

Evac EcoScreen

The Evac EcoScreen is a mechanical sewage pre-treatment plant. It is a complete standalone screening unit, which can be installed in connection with a sewage treatment plant. A screening unit is recommended for the sewage pre-treatment phase in systems using a custom-designed Evac MBR (membrane bioreactor) to clean wastewater.

The Evac EcoScreen unit mechanically separates most of the solid matter from the wastewater. Separating solids before the MBR is strongly recommended because solid matter may cause problems in the MBR unit. Separating solids also diminishes the organic load in the sewage by approximately 10–20%. If a screening unit is used, a macerator is not needed to chop the solid matter.


Model Flow capacity Number of spiral screens Screened water tank volume (m³)
Average (l/s) Max peak flow (l/s) Max peak flow (m³/h)
Evac EcoScreen 200 3 5 18 1 0.6
Evac EcoScreen 200T 6 10 36 2 1
Evac EcoScreen 300 5 10 36 1 1.1
Evac EcoScreen 300T 10 20 72 2 1.8

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