Oily Water Separators Type CS0250

Oily Water Separators

Oily Water Separators Type CS0250


Capacity 0.25 m3/hr (66 US gal/hr)
Width (inc. Maint.) 1041mm (1655mm)
Depth (inc. Maint.) 655mm (1080mm)
Height (inc. Maint.) 1474mm (1700mm)
Dry 270kg
Wet 420kg
50 Hz (60Hz) 0.55kW (0.55kW)
inc. heater 1.55kW (1.55kW)
Inlet Suction 32mm (1 1/4″)
Overboard 25mm (1″)
Return to bilge 25mm (1″)
Recovered Oil 25mm (1″)
Flush Valve 15mm (1/2″)
Pressure Relief 15mm (1/2″)
Operating 1.38 Bar (20 psi)
Maximum 3.45 Bar (50 psi)
Water Requirement No back-washing required. Clean water required for oil content monitor and commissioning. Recommended pressure 0.5 – 4 bar.
Air Requirement Air Pressure of 4-7 bar for operation of pneumatic valves only.
Oily Water Separators Type CS0250

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