VP Water Gun Tank Washing Machines Marine

VP Water Gun Tank Washing Machines Marine

VP Water Gun

dThe VP Watergun is a powerful water gun with effective jet lengths of up to 25m with a low recoil for rapid cleaning of decks and bulk cargo holds. Supplied complete with a tripod stand, the lightweight design is ideal for one-man operation.


  • A powerful water gun with low recoil for rapid cleaning of decks and bulk cargoholds.
  • For use as a hand held water gun or with optional tripod stand, ideal one-man operation.
  • Suitable for use ana wide range of Bulk Ore carriers and multi product tankers.
  • Lightweight maintenance free construction.

Performance Specification

  • Offering effective jet lengths of up to 25m (82ft) and water throw of 30m.
  • Minimal recoil of 3- 12 kg ideal for single man hand-held “fatigue free” operation.
  • Effective use of water throughput between 12 – 18m3/hour (53 – 80 US gal/min) at 4 kgcm2 (58psi).
  • Minimal air requirement of 3m3/min at 7kg/cm2 (105 ut ft/min at 98 psi).


VP Water Gun Tank Washing Machines Marine
VP Water Gun Tank Washing Machines Marine

Nozzle Configuration

  • Integral venturi introduction of air to increase water force & throw.
  • Ideally suited for low water pressure – 4kg/cm2 (58psi).
  • Maintenance free and ultra light weight Aluminium contruction.

Supply Connection

  • Water Inlet via 2″ BSP male threaded connection.
  • Air supply via 21ug EU “Q” type claw coupling.
  • Integral air supply ball valve fitted as standard.


  • Light weight easy to assemble tripod.
  • Various connections and hose supply lengths.


Jet Length

  • Maximum Up to 30m (98ft).
  • Typical Between 20m – 25m (66 – 82ft).

Operating Water Pressure

  • Maximum 7 kg/cm2 (100psi).
  • Optimum 3 – 5 kg/cm2.
  • Capacity 12- 18m2/hour (53- 80 US gal/min).

Operating Air Supply

  • Maximum 9 kg/cm2 (129 psi).
  • Optimum 6-8 kg/cm2 (85- 114 psi).
  • Consumption 3m3/min at 7 kg/cm2 (105 cu.ft/min at 98psi).


Aluminium Alloy (BS6082 HE30)
Epoxy coated enamel

Max. Operating Temp 75°C (160°F)


  • Water Supply
    2″ BSP male threaded connection
  • Air Supply
    2 Lug EU “Q” type “claw” coupling or via 1″
    BSP female threaded inlet to integral ball valve


  • Sem-jet
  • Tripod (optional)
    5.0kg (11.0 lbs)

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