Gas Freeing Fans Type VP650A
Gas Freeing Fans Type VP650A

Gas Freeing Fans Type VP650A

The VP650 is a high performance, deep penetration, air driven fan, constructed using high grade 316 stainless steel. This non-sparking fan is designed to be lightweight and therefore extremely portable. The VP650 is suitable for use on all types of vessels.

Fan Key Features :

  • Designed and Class-Approved for use in hazardous areas;
  • Supply or Extract mode by simple reversal of supply;
  • Can be supplied with horizontal mounting;
  • Integral ‘Direct In-Line’ drive; no gearbox to maintain or fail;
  • Non-sparking (ATEX approved); 
  • Can operate at low pressures;
  • Lightweight and compact for portability;
  • Can be supplied for horizontal mounting;
  • High air-flow throughput;
  • High static pressure;
  • Efficient motors;
  • Constructed using marine grade materials;
  • Fail-safe bleed tube to indicate seal failure.

    Gas Freeing Fans Type VP650A
    Gas Freeing Fans Type VP650A

Fan Specifications :

Operation Supply or exhaust mode (exhaust mode variation upon request)
Drive Media Clean Lubricated Air
Filtration/Lubrication 64 micron filtration or better. 4-5 drops per/min for continuous operation
Safety Features Non-sparking, Impeller guard
Deck Opening To suit standard Ø318mm deck opening, on a 389 PCD. Alternative deck flanges available on request
Material 316 Stainless Steel Construction
Weight : 17 kg (includes filter and lubricator)
Connections Quick Acting Claw Coupling
Max Air Flow 6750 m³/hr (113 m³/min)
Max Static Pressure 1015 Pa
Max Flow Requirement 178 m³/hr
Operating Pressures 2.0 – 7.0 kg/cm²
Gas Freeing Fans Type VP650A Diagram
Gas Freeing Fans Type VP650A Diagram

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