Oil Water Separator
Oil Water Separator

15 Ppm BILGE SEPARATOR Taiko Kikai

15 Ppm BILGE SEPARATOR Taiko Kikai Industries Co.,Ltd, which has already sent out three series Oily Water Separators to the market, developed USH series this time as a compilation of its technologies on the machine, in response to the effectuation of the resolution MEPC.107(49) (applicable to ships for which the keels are laid down on and after January 2005).

USH series is a state-of-the-art oily water separator with a coalescer long in service life and high in performance, providing the remarkable capability of treating not only high-specific gravity high-viscosity oils, but also emulsions containing surface active agents or suspended solids that have been deemed it impossible to treat with conventional coalescers.

Installation and Piping Procedures OWS
Installation and Piping Procedures OWS

In addition, USH series is a customer-satisfaction-oriented oily water separator which has been developed with maintainability in mind. The users can operate it without feeling any stress on themselves even during bilge treatment work on a real ship and become convinced of its prolonged stable performance. Apart from other USH series (treatment capability: 0.25 to 5 m3/h), USH-01 has been developed for use on medium- or small-sized ships. It has high performance for its small size.

In the USH-01 series Oily Water Separator, an exclusive pump/motor has been provided inside for the convenience of use. This allows reasonable use of the Separator in any limited installation space.

Feature & Specifications

● Exclusively for marine use.
● Series: USH-01
● Treatment capability: 0.15 m3/h
● Exclusive pump/motor is provided inside, so the Separator system occupies no space.
● The product is accredited for type approval by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport and in accordance with the EC Marine Equipment Directive. IMO MEPC.107(49)
● Carried on board ships of 340 G/T or below.

Standard Fittings

● Automatic oil drain device (solenoid valve, oil level detector, transmitting converter)
● Automatic air vent valve
● Test cock
● Drain plug
● Pressure gauge and cock
● Constant flow valve
● Exclusive pump (avoid an empty run), motor and V-pulley, V-belt
● Strainer

Structure And Dimension OWS
Structure And Dimension OWS

Standard Spare Parts

  • Automatic oil drain device spare parts (fuse)
  • Packing
  • Mass at empty……………120kg
  • Mass at operation………154kg
  • Power source………………AC100V・500VA(DC24V10A should be for costom-made articles of product)
  • Coating………………………Munsell symbol 7.5BG7/2
No. Name Material Quantity
1 Body MILD STEEL SS400 1
2 Transmitting converter AL ALLOY CASTING ADC12 1
3 Oil level detector AL ALLOY CASTING ADC12 1
4 Solenoid valve BRONZE CAC 1
5 Pressure gauge 1
6 Oil drain cock BRASS C3602 1
7 Water test cock BRASS C3602 1
8 Automatic air vent valve STAINLESS STEEL SUS304 1
9 Strainer BRONZE CAC 1
10 Constant flow valve BRASS C3602 1
11 Three-way valve BRONZE CAC 1
12 Pump BRONZE CAC 1
13 Motor 1
14 Nameplate STAINLESS STEEL SUS304 1

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