Seaflex Waterload Bag
Seaflex Waterload Bag

Seaflex Waterload Bag

Seaflex Waterload Bag – 22,000 lbs (10,000 kg) Lift Capacity.

All Seaflex Waterload Bags are constructed using procedures controlled by ISO 9001:2008 certified by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance and have passed the rigorous 6:1 type test at TUVNEL Ltd in Glasgow.

High quality performance fabrics, reliable HF welded seams and versatile filling/discharge arrangements are making Seaflex WaterLoad Bags the first choice for increasing numbers of test houses world wide.

Seaflex Waterload Bag
Seaflex Waterload Bag

Capacities of 1 ton to 35 tons allow Seaflex WaterLoad Bags to be used singly or in clusters to produce test loads of up to 300 tons on one hook. Multiple clusters can be used for higher loads.

While the water filled ballast bag concept is nothing new, several innovative features have been incorporated in Seaflex WaterLoad Test Weights to make the user’s life easier. Seaflex ‘J’ Tube arrangement can be positioned anywhere over the hem of the bag after attachment to the crane’s hook to prevent the risk of the fill hose being trapped between bags.

Filling is by 2½ inch full bore ‘fire hose’ terminating in quick release couplings compatible with standard hydrants. The invert of all units of 15 tons and above are fitted with 3 inch bronze camlock coupling to accept a 3 inch discharge hose which empties a 35 ton unit in 22 minutes. Similar 2 inch camlock fittings on all units up to and including 10 ton ensure minimum time wasted after the test.

Seaflex Waterload Bag
Seaflex Waterload Bag

Features :

  • High performance structural fabric canopy.
  • All RF welded seams for strength and integrity.
  • Webbing harness terminates with single steel lifting ring.
  • Heavy duty UV stabilised PVC coating.
  • Handling ladders.
  • Versatile filling and discharge arrangement.
  • Can be used singly or in clusters for load of up to 300t on one hook.
  • 6 : 1 safety factor verified by National Engineering Laboratory Type Test.

Specifications :

  • Lift : 22,000 lbs (10,000 kg).
  • Inflated Dimensions : 15.75 H X 7.55 Diameter Feet (4.8 H X 2.3 Diameter Meters).
  • Packed Dimensions : 3.61 L X 1.64 W X 1.31 H Feet (1.1 L X 0.5 W X 0.4 H Meters).
  • Weight : 187.39 lbs (85 kg).

Waterload Bag – 22,000 lbs (10,000 kg) Lift Capacity – P/N : SEF-10LH-WLB Includes :

  • 2 in. Diameter Layflat Discharge Hose with 2 in. Stainless Steel Camlock Coupling 19.8 ft (6 m).
  • Filling Assembly – Light Alloy Swan Neck with 2.5 in Instantaneous Male Coupling.
  • “J” Tube.
  • Log Book.
  • Certification.
  • Instructions.
    10t WaterLoad Bag Component List
    10t WaterLoad Bag Component List

    10t WaterLoad Bag Component List
    10t WaterLoad Bag Component List

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