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Thordon Rudder Bearings Function

Thordon Rudder Bearings Function
Thordon Rudder Bearings

Thordon Rudder Bearings are made of homogeneous, elastic bearing material that is composite of rubber and resin. They are excellent in abilities of elongation and shape restoration; have a low friction coefficient; and are rich in abilities of pressure-resistance, abrasion-resistance and corrosion-resistance.

Even in an extremely polluted environmental condition, smooth and long life operation is possible without lubrication such as grease, oil, etc

It is an ideal rudder bearing even in terms of freedom from water pollution concerns as only water lubrication is pardonable.

Special Features

(1) It is excellent in abrasion-resistance, and extremely long wear life.
(2) It can endure high bearing pressure.
(3) It has a low coefficient of friction, and can reduce a power loss.
(4) It is elastic, endures high impact load, and absorbs vibration.
(5) It is extremely light in weight (about one-sevenths of bronze material).
(6) It can be easily machined.
(7) It is free from layer separation, which is seen in such bearings as phenol-resin layer bearings.
(8) It can be easily mounted by means of making it shrink, using dry ice or liquefied nitrogen.
(9) Thordon SXL Type Bearings are self-lubricative and capable of dry operation. Accordingly, they can omit a burdensome lubrication system.

Thordon Rudder Bearings
Thordon Rudder Bearings

Advantages and Special Characters in Equipping

(1) By virtue of a low coefficient of friction and a self-lubricative property of Thordon Bearings, steering torque is reduced, and smooth rudder operation is capable.

(2) By virtue of water lubrication, instead of grease lubrication, no grease consumption and no water pollution are brought. Furthermore, construction cost is significantly reduced since a rudder sealing system, a grease injection pump and their appendant piping, oil hole drilling, oil grooving, etc. are omitted.

(3) Preparation of an expensive hydraulic jack for mounting a bearing is not necessary, and danger at lifting a bearing can be avoided, and furthermore, omission of pipe joint flanges, saving of mounting time, and safe and light work, etc. greatly contribute to saving of cost directly and indirectly.

(4) Less influence of foul water is exerted on a Thordon Bearing, and it keeps longer than bronze, nylon or phenol materials. Furthermore, it is adaptable to local load, and its low friction reduces adhesive abrasion. In addition, even in case of such an accident that a bearing is dropped from dock staging, it will never be damaged.

(5) A Thordon Bearing can be finely machined without emitting any dust and gas, only with elastic thread-like pieces being exhausted. A Thordon Bearing is a nonmetallic bearing with no ingredients of asbestos and chemical matter that cause physical trouble at machining.

(6) A Thordon SXL Type Bearing is optimum for a high load rudder bearing that involves risk of adhesive abrasion in a dry condition.

(7)  A Thordon Bearing effectively diffuses load by micro deflection, and reduces locally high contact pressure of a bearing. Accordingly, it can avoid wiping (molten separation by high temperature) of a bearing.

(8) A Thordon Bearing is light in weight, one-sevenths of bronze weight, and can reduce ship weight with level of 1,000kg, compared with bronze bearings.

(9) Thordon Bearings are approved by major Classification Societies.
As allowable contact pressure of a rudderstock bearing according to NK Regulation, it is approved for a Thordon SXL Type Bearing to be usable with 10N/㎟ (7N/㎟ for a bronze bearing).

Wear Life Guarantee

Wear Life Guarantee Thordon SXL
Wear Life Guarantee Thordon SXL

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