Propeller Shaft Bearing System For Ship

Bearings And Shaft Seals Maintenance For Ship
Bearings And Shaft Seals Maintenance For Ship


Built for Fishing, Workboat & Coastal Waterways

TG100 Seal

Safe Return to Port Emergency Seal

A unique feature of the TG100 is that the emergency seal allows you to return safely to the nearest port if your primary seal is ever damaged.

TG100 Seal
TG100 Seal

Maintenance-Free Shaft Seals

The TG100 seal is designed to operate without any need for spare parts or maintenance between vessel docking periods. The elastomeric bellows and emergency seal have an unlimited shelf life, further reducing any need for expensive overhaul kits in the future. Combine these features with the use of only silicon carbide faces for both the dynamic and stationary faces, TG100 takes the work and cost out of your vessel operations.

SXL Tailshaft Bearings

Long Bearing Wearlife and Reliability

Thordon SXL offers long bearing wear life that reduces maintenance costs for vessels operating up to 20% of the time in abrasive waters. Lubricants in the SXL polymer formulation reduce start up friction and offers smoother operation at lower shaft RPM.
It absorbs more misalignment and deflection from impact than other propeller shaft bearings.

Reliable Designs For Coastal Waterways
Reliable Designs For Coastal Waterways

Save Money

Vessels that operate with SXL tailshaft bearings are more reliable – they operate longer, require less maintenance and fewer drydockings. This means less money spent and more money earned!

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Tiller Arm Bushings

Reliable Operation

Ensuring reliable operation of all equipment installed above the waterline is a tough issue for any ship’s crew. Originally developed to replace greased bronze bearings, ThorPlas-Blue is lifetime lubricated – lubricants in the homogeneous polymer ensure a low, stable coefficient of friction, even as the bearing wears, while offering long bearing wear life with no maintenance.

High Load Capability

ThorPlas-Blue is used to replace highly loaded greased bearings, capable of design pressure up to 6527psi (45MPa).

SXL Rudder Bearings

Grease-Free Operation

Thordon’s SXL offers low friction and long bearing wear life without the use of grease. There is no maintenance due to the self-lubricating properties ensuring smooth operation.

Superior Performance

Our polymers offer the best combination of strength and stiffness with flexibility and elasticity, along with high abrasion resistance. Thordon SXL has a lower modulus of elasticity (68,817 psi or 440MPa) than other non-metallic bearings, resulting in significantly increased vibration dampening, accommodation of edge loading, and better impact resistance than other non-metallic materials.

Lubricated Propeller Shaft Bearing System

Cost Savings

The COMPAC seawater lubricated propeller shaft bearing system eliminates stern tube oil or oil-based EALs as seawater is used as the lubricant. There is no aft seal, no storage of oil, no sampling of oil, no disposal of oil, and no risk of seawater ingress contaminating the oil. Compared to synthetic EALs that are 500 – 1000% more expensive than mineral oil, seawater is free and recommended by the U.S.A. Environmental Protection Agency to meet Vessel General Permit requirements. Emergency aft seal repairs are not required, as there is no aft seal.

Compliant Operation

All class societies with the exception for NK and KR have modified rules for seawater lubricated propeller shaft systems, allowing the shaft to remain in place if monitoring conditions are met making the COMPAC system comparable to oil lubricated propeller shaft bearings. Thordon’s COMPAC system ensures shipowners/operators that there will be no environmental violations resulting from stern tube oil leakage and meets both U.S. VGP and Polar Code regulations guaranteeing zero risk of pollution.

Compact Ship Owner Benefits

• Reduce operational costs.
• Eliminate aft seal problems.
• Eliminate emergency dockings.
• Fewer components.
• Zero environmental impact.
• Polar Code compliant.
• Meets U.S. VGP requirements.
• Over 2000 ship references.

Controlled Bearing Environment

Thordon’s Water Quality Package ensures an adequate supply of clean water is consistently being delivered to both the forward seal and the stern tube bearings. Lubrication of the bearing is assured and a long predictable bearing wear life is achieved. A controlled supply of clean water allows Thordon to offer a lifetime bearing wearlife guarantee.

Easily Machined and Fitted

Thordon COMPAC machines cleanly and produces no airborne machining debris. COMPAC is much lighter than white metal bearings and can be fitted quickly and easily by freezing in liquid nitrogen or dry ice.

Aft COMPAC Bearing System

• COMPAC bearing in bearing carrier with retaining ring.
• Thordon recommended shaft liner in the way of the bearing.
• No aft seal required.

COMPAC Tapered Key Design

• COMPAC split bearing with a tapered keyset allows bearings to be withdrawn, inspected and re-installed in a matter of hours with the shaft in place.

ThorShield Shaft Coating System

• Thordon’s tough new modified epoxy coating ThorShield designed to provide integrity against corrosion.

Fwd COMPAC Bearing System

• COMPAC bearing in a bearing carrier.
• Thordon recommended shaft liner in the way of the bearing.

SeaThigor Mechanical Face Seal

• A robust high performance face seal manufactured for long wear life and reduced maintenance costs for water lubricated marine propeller shafts.

Compact Seawater Lubricated Propeller Shaft Bearing System
Compact Seawater Lubricated Propeller Shaft Bearing System
Compact Seawater Lubricated Propeller Shaft Bearing System
Compact Seawater Lubricated Propeller Shaft Bearing System

Thordon Water Quality Package

• A Thordon Water Quality Package delivers a consistent supply of conditioned water to both the fwd seal and all bearings. A separate detailed brochure on the Thordon Water Quality Package is available.

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