Furuno CSH-5L MARK-2

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CSH-5L MK2 Scanning Sonar

Full-circle color scanning sonar

  • Full-circle scanning sonar detecs and instantaneously displays fish schools and underwater condition.
  • Vivid 16-color display assists in recognition of bottom structure, concentration and distribution of fish schools.
  • Various fishing and navigation data keeps operator abreast of fishing and navigation conditions.
  • Four user-programmable function keys for quick set up according to fishing conditions or specific functions.
  • High power transmitter ensures reliable operation under any conditions.
  • Tranducer frequency : 55 or 68 kHz.

High power transmitter for long range fish detection and determining changing seabed conditions

The CSH-5L MARK-2 is a full-circle scanning sonar that rapidly detects and displays individual fish, schools of fish and changing underwater conditions. Fish distribution and seabed conditions are shown in 16 colors, 360 degrees around the vessel.

The CSH-5L MARK-2 is a middle frequency sonar (55/68 kHz), which makes it ideal for searching for distant fish schools. With automatic tilt scanning as a standard feature, the CSH-5L MARK-2 is suitable for both midwater trawlers and purse seiners.

The CSH-5L MARK-2 is provided in a BlackBox configuration for space saving and flexible installation. It consists of a compact hull unit, transceiver unit and processor unit.

A variety of monitors are available to suit installation and operational requirements. FURUNO’s MU-series displays are specially designed to meet the requirements of marine professionals. For a remote station, a second display and remote control can simply be plugged into the processor unit.

CSH-5L MK2 Scanning Sonar
Scanning Sonar
Steep shoal and schools of round herring
Furuno CSH-5L MARK-2 Specification
Furuno CSH-5L MARK-2 Specification


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