Crankshaft deflection gauge

Used by Service Engineers, Repairmen, Crankshaft Grinders, Production Supervisors and Quality Control Inspectors, Crankshaft Gauges measure the Web Deflection of crankshafts in:
1. Ready-to-operate engines or compressors.
2. Assembled engines or compressors with connecting rod in place.
3. Assembled engines or compressors with connecting rod removed.
4. Dismantled crankshafts, between centres.
in the maintenance, repair or assembly of marine engines, motor vehicle and railroad engines, compressors, etc.
Crankshaft Web Deflection should never exceed the tolerance permitted by the engine or crankshaft manufacturer.

The Mechanical Crankshaft Deflection Gauge enables the user to check the bearing alignment and deflection of the crankshaft.
The robust construction and the hardened measuring tips make it possible to use the instrument on all kinds of engines.
The deflection gauges can also be used to measure and indicate cylinder wear. To measure cylinder wear the hardened tips can be replaced with rounded tips that are available as an option.

Cause may be a faulty or damaged crankshaft, damaged bearings, poor bearing alignment, excessive bearing clearance or slackness, faulty flanging to transmission, flywheel, or vee belt pulley, etc.
The cause of excessive crankshaft web deflection must be eliminated to prevent engine breakdown.

Our Crankshaft Deflection Gauges are sturdy in design and furnished with hardened gauging points.
Each Crankshaft Gauge set comes in a fitted hardwood Case and consists of a dial gauge unit with springloaded (live) gauging point and a full set of gauging extensions and fixed gauging points to suit ranges stated. The Crankshaft gauge converts to a CYLINDER GAUGE by means of a set of ball-nosed anvils and cap, available as an accessory.

Model Range  Dial graduation
KP-300 60-300 mm 0.01 mm
KP-500 60-500 mm 0.01 mm




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