Electronic crankshaft deflection indicator

Most engineers know the importance of regularly checking the rectilinearity of the crankshaft on marine diesel engines. To use an indicator clock was time consuming, unpleasant and dirty and it yielded dubious measurement results. As a consequence, these checks were made less and less frequently, which increased the risk of an engine break-down. The introduction of the electronic deflection indicator has made the task simpler and more effective and the measurement results more accurate.
The electronic deflection indicator DI-4 has been used by a large number of engineers in more than 60 countries. The manufacturing of this product has been going on for almost 20 years. Easy usage, along with high reliability and accurate measurements, have made the DI-4 very popular. Many engine producers use the DI-4 to keep their own production in check.
The DI-4 is a complete unit with a battery-driven digital instrument and a transducer with extension bars. The product is kept in a strong wooden case. Thanks to its simplicity, the DI-4 is used whenever a need for measuring arises and it detects the errors that might otherwise have lead to costly repairs.
The latest model, the DI-4C, looks very much like the DI-4, but it is controlled by a micro-processor and has the capacity to store documents and transfer the information to a PC. Up to 45 documents can be stored internally in the DI-4C. Supervisory control and adjustments of the instrument can be made, where after the test protocol can be transferred to the computer for comparison with earlier measurement results.
The OVALITY KIT is an accessory to the DI-4C model and is primarily designed to measure cylinder liner ovality and for wear comparison at bore diameters 180-600 mm and stroke up to 870 mm. This aluminium jig may be modified to take measurements in other applications as well. The software supplied with Deflection Indicator DI-4C also handles the measurements taken with the Ovality Kit. By this you may transfer ovality data to your PC and evaluate & compare, all with graphs and printouts.


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