Marine Hold Cleaning Guns

Marine Hold Cleaning Guns
Marine Hold Cleaning Guns

This specifically developed tool is ideal for cleaning / washing down cargo residues in holds of bulk carrier and general cargo vessels. It produces a powerful jet of water as a combination of compressed air and water, which can also effectively remove flaking rust and paint. Suitable for surface preparation of marine works and other area as well.

Main advantages include :

  1. Simple One-Person-Operation mechanism.
  2. Three-pieces detachable design of main body.
  3. Made of light-weight non corrosive material.
  4. Bracket holding main body to pan & tilt in wide range.
  5. Rugged and foldable stand set with wheels, carry easily.
  6. Built-in air inlet ball valve for shut-off and pressure control.
  7. Optional threaded and other type of inlet couplings available.
  8. Workable on normal fire line and working air line.

Technical Details : 

MODELWater Tobey
Ref. IMPA CODE590741
Effective Jet Reach25 Meters (Maximum)
Working Water Inlet Pressure0.59MPa (Recommended)
Working Air Inlet Pressure0.69MPa (Recommended)
Estimated Water Consumption455 lpm
Suggested Air Supply47.5 lps (Minimum)
Weight (main body & stand set)18.5 Kgs
Length of main body (assembled)880mm (including threaded coupling)
Length of stand set940mm
Width of stand set480mm
Height of stand set (fully set-up)1100mm
Water Hose SizeDia. 50mm
Water Coupling2” Threaded or Nakajima Type
Air Hose SizeDia. 15mm

Standard Packing : Each product in a brown cardboard box together with accessories and User’s Manual/Operation Instructions.

Ex. Works time : 1-10 days from existing stock. Or specifically depending on quantities, customer’s logo/marking/printing and other requirements.

Payment terms : To be negotiated per order amount and details.

We, as real manufacturer, also offer following services :

√ OEM / ODM, CKD / SKD, and development per customer’s sample or drawing or even just an idea.
√ Good quality, Customer-first policy, Flexible terms, very Competitive prices.
√ Experienced team for professional technical / commercial communications in fluent English.
√ Supplying of key consumables, maintaining parts and accessories for sold products.

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