Marine Pneumatic Vacuum Cleaners
Marine Pneumatic Vacuum Cleaners

Marine Pneumatic Vacuum Cleaners type 510A Wet and Dry Vacuum

Single container system, designed for the collection of large quantities of coarse particles, such as chips and granules as well as liquids and sludge. The high vacuum allows for transportation of material over long distances. The filter system is a teflon- coated polyester filter which is washable. The container, which is fitted with a 2″ drain valve, is fixed to a tiltable trolley for ease of emptying. Trolley suitable for handling by forklift truck.

  1. High material collection capacity.
  2. Easy material discharge by tippable container.
  3. Fork lift handling.

Capacity diagram

Capacity diagram vacum cleaner
Capacity diagram vacum cleaner

Technical data

Article number 42151086
Extractor top NE-52
Voltage, V
Power, kW
Compressed air consumption, Nm³/min 3
Capacity freeblowing, m³/h 342
Max. vacuum, kPa -52
Filter cleaning method
Noise level, dB(A) 75.5
Volume of collection bin, l 160
Weight, kg 116
Hose Ø, mm / Length, m 51/7.5
Cleaning system model 42932100

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