YUCHAI YC4D Series Engine for Marine

  1. High performance combustion chamber and intake swirl contribute to lower fuel consumption.           
  2. Yuchai sealing technology in piston ring and valve oil seal reduces the lube oil consumption.
  3. High fuel efficiency and low maintenance cost.
  4. Compact size facilitates installation, maintenance and repair.
  5. Easy operating and nature friendly with low noise, rapid start ability and low emissions.


Model YC4108C YC4108CA YC4108ZC YC4D75C
Configuration Vertical in-line, 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, direct injection, water-cooled
Bore ×Stroke  (mm) 108 ×115
Aspiration Natural Turbocharged & inter-cooled
Displacement  (L) 4.21
Compression ration 17:01
Rated power/Speed  (kW(hp)/r/min) 40(54)/1500 32(43.5)/1500 50(68)/1500 55(75)/1800
Fuel consumption  g/(kW·h) ≤200 ≤198
Oil consumption  g/(kW·h) ≤0.8
Rotation Counterclockwise ( facing flywheel )
Starting method Electric
Dry weight  (kg) 370 390
Engine dimension 986 × 730 × 948 1311 × 746 × 962
(L×W×H)  (mm)
Certificate ZC, ZY, CCS

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