Engineered cylinders to perfect your critical machines for ship

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Our careful review of your application includes the analyses, calculations, and specification considerations necessary to ensure that all hazards are addressed and all objectives are met. We appreciate the intricacies of large movable structure, precision test, high-tonnage press, subsea, and other special hydraulic actuation challenges and invest in the care and resources that they demand. Every custom hydraulic cylinder we build is engineered with passion.

Teaming technical competency, an industrious ethos, and a ISO 9001:2015 compliant quality management system, Passion Engineering excels in custom large-bore, stainless steel, sub-sea, ASME, and other hydraulic cylinders for challenging projects.

We embrace the unusual and welcome opportunities to perfect your hydraulic machines with custom hydraulic cylinders:

  • Large bore and long stroke hydraulic cylinders.
  • High pressures.
  • Extreme temperatures; low and high.
  • Corrosive and hazardous environments.
  • High speed custom cylinders.
  • Precision motion and force control.
  • Unusual operating fluids.
  • High duty cycles.
  • Submerged environments.
  • Incorporated valves, hydraulic power units, and accumulators.
  • Unconventional, application-specific constructions and mounts.
  • High-inertia application cylinders.
  • Standards organization and regulatory body rules.
  • Specialty alloys (high-strength and stainless steels, aluminums, titanium, nickel alloys, etc.).
  • Custom cylinders with complete design documentation (calculations, analyses, drawings).
  • Exceptional NDE requirements.
  • Fatigue resistance.
  • Integral position transducers.
  • Environmentally sensitive applications.

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