Electro-hydraulic Actuators for ship


Special projects that demand the plumbing-free convenience of electric actuators and the large forces of hydraulic cylinders are elegantly served by Passion’s custom electro-hydraulic actuators. Passion’s EHAs provide both motion control precision and protection against shocks and over-loads. Our custom engineered and packaged hydraulic power unit, cylinder, transducer, and controller units are ideal for industrial, marine, and infrastructure projects requiring precision, high-force actuators that are easy to install and maintain.

  • Engineered for the unique requirements of every project.
  • EHAs are entirely self-contained and require no field plumbing.
  • Completely sealed (submersible, contaminant resistant) designs available.
  • Specialty cylinder and EHA designs suitable for hazardous areas are available.
  • Precision position, speed, and acceleration control with onboard transducers and controllers.
  • Telemetry and data acquisition systems are available.


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