Synflex Hydraulic Hose

Synflex 3130-16 Hydraulic Hose
Synflex 3130-16 Hydraulic Hose

The Synflex 3130 Hydraulic Hose is the best value SAE-100R7 hose available. It comes in several diameters and applications include general hydraulics, material handling, forklift, high pressure gas transfer and chemical transfer.

Features :

  • Hydraulic applications (not recommended for pneumatic pressures).
  • Lightweight.
  • Black polyurethane.
  • Braided synthetic fiber reinforcement.
  • Nylon core tube.
  • Temperature Range of -40° F to 212° F.

Specifications :

  • Norm. I.D. (in.) : 1 in.
  • Max O.D. (in.) : 1.340.
  • Bend Radius (in.) : 8 in.
  • Working Pressure (PSI) : 1,000.
  • Burst Pressure (PSI) : 4,000.
  • Weight per 100 Ft. (lbs) : 26.4.
  • Permanent Coupling Series : 3903, 390A, or 7903.

Mainline Full Floating Hose

  1. Connecting buoy and reducer hose.
  2. Rated working pressure : 21 bar.
  3. Minimum reserve buoyance : 20% or according to customer requirements.
  4. Electrical continuity: electrical continuous or discontinuous.

Mainline Full Floating Hose Construction & Material Description

Mainline Full Floating Hose Main Carcass :
● Main Lining / Inner Tube: Smooth, oil and fuel resistant Pure Seamless and Extruded Acrylontrile-Butadiene-Rubber (NBR);
● Safety Lining: special construction to prevent defects or damage cause by incidental tearing or superficial damages of the main linig;
● Reinforcements: Multiple Plies of High Tensile Textile cord. One embedded helical Body Steel wire.
● Cover : Black Syntetic Rubber Smooth oil and fuel resistant.
● Single Carcass And Double Carcass.

Mainline Full Floating Hose Floatation :
● Floating Material : Closed cell Foam.

Mainline Full Floating Hose Outer Cover :
● Smooth black, Synthetic Rubber Resistant to Abrasion, Oil, Sea Water and Sunlight.
● Helical Orange strip.
● Polyurethane Orange in Colour cover available on request.

Mainline Full Floating Hose Fittings : End connections built in during manufacture. ASME B 16.5 Class 150lb or 300lb Weld Neck Flat Face or Raised Face on request.

Mainline Full Floating Hose Tests : All tests according to GMPHOM 2009 and Customer detail.

Mainline Full Floating Hose Application :

The floating marine oil hose is designed for transportation of crude oil and liquid petroleum products between loading and unloading vessels at offshore mooring systems.

Mainline Full Floating Hose Characteristic :
● Indepent foam floating casing to prevent water absorption.
● CR outlayer with excellent resistance to abrasion ,UV,aging and corrosive environment.
● Easy installation and less maintenance.
● Cutomized steel flanges are available.
● rated working pressure : 21 bar.
● minimum reserve buoyance : 20% or according to customer requirements.
● electrical continuity : electrical continuous or discontinuous.
● leak detection system : after the failure of the primary carcass, the detector will react to the leakage to remind the operator to remove the damaged hose to avoid economic loss and environmental pollution.

Single Carcass

A single carcass hose is capable to withstand the demands of the world’s most exposed offshore installations. This hose consists of the tube, spiral reinforcement and cover layers.

Double Carcass

A double carcass hose is an anti-pollution hose. When the primary carcass leaks, the secondary carcass remains intact and takes over. In that way, oil spillage and environmental.

Mainline Full Floating Hose Standard:

The floating oil marine hoses are designed and produced in full accordance to OCIMF standard,the marine hoses are subjected to manufacturing and testing requirements dictated by ISO9000 quality standards.

Mainline Full Floating Hose Specification
Mainline Full Floating Hose Specification

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