Engine Marine type X15 Cummins

Engine Marine type X15 Cummins
Engine Marine type X15 Cummins

Engine type X15 Cummins

  1. Engine Design – Robust engine block designed for continuous duty operation and long life. Single cylinder head with four valves per cylinder enhances performance. Base engine design has been in the market for over 15 years.
  2. Fuel System – Cummins XPI Fuel System, High Pressure Common Rail
  3. Lubrication System – Cast aluminum oil pan designed to resist corrosion, spin-on Fleetguard oil filters
  4. Cooling System – Front mount and low profile Heat exchanger or Keel cool with one loop system and high flow pump
  5. Air Intake System – Cummins Turbo Technologies HX60 turbocharger optimized for marine applications
  6. Exhaust System – Dry exhaust manifold to deliver improved fuel economy
  7. Electrical System – 24v system with marine grade wiring harness and instrument panels
  8. Electronics – Cummins Engine Control Module CM2350 provides engine protection through de-rates and automated engine shutdown to prevent catastrophic failures. CM2350 also provides fuel sensor monitoring, gear pressure and temperature as well as digital engine start/stop functionality. Available 24V system and standard marine grade wiring harness.
  9. Certifications – Complies with U.S. EPA Tier 3, EU Stage 3a and IMO Tier II emissions regulations

Optional Equipment

  • C Command Connect available or open architecture.
  • Flywheel housing: SAE0.
  • Vessel System Integration: ED-4 displays—rudder position, fuel level, ONAN Gen Set information.
  • Hydraulic Pump Drive: SAE B flanges.
  • Front PTO available.

Specification :

ConfigurationIn-line, 6-cylinder, 4-stroke diesel
AspirationTurbocharged / Aftercooled
Displacement14.9 L (912 in3)
Bore & Stroke137 X 169 mm (5.39 X 6.65 in)
RotationCounterclockwise facing flywheel
Fuel SystemCummins XPI Fuel System

Product Dimensions and Weight

Overall Lengthmm (in)1810-71.2
Length of Blockmm (in)1052-41.4
Overall Widthmm (in)1120-44.1
Overall Heightmm (in)1316-51.8
Weightkg (lb)1681-3700

Variable speed

ModelkWMHPBHPSpeed (RPM)RatingRated SpeedISO*Emissions
L/hr (gal/hr)[L/hr (gal/hr)
X153364564501800Continuous87.2 (23.0)60.7 (16.0)IMO2, EPA3, EU3a
X153364564501800Continuous82.0 (21.7)56.5 (14.9)IMO2
X153735075001800Continuous95.9 (25.3)66.7 (17.6)IMO2, EPA3, EU3a
X153732075001800Continuous91.0 (24.0)62.4 (16.5)IMO2
X154295835751800Continuous113.0 (29.8)77.2 (20.4)IMO2, EPA3, EU3a
X154476086001800Continuous109.7 (29.0)74.0 (19.5)IMO2

Fixed speed

ModelkWMHPBHPSpeed (RPM)RatingRated SpeedISO*Emissions
L/hr (gal/hr)L/hr (gal/hr)
X153735075001500 (50Hz)Prime88.9 (23.5)45.1 (11.9)IMO2, EU3a
X153735075001800 (60Hz)Prime99.3 (26.2)45.7 (12.1)EPA3, EU3a
X154255785701800 (60Hz)Prime103.9 (27.5)52.7 (13.9)IMO2

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