SC 160 I self-contained LED lantern

SC 160 I self-contained LED lantern
SC 160 I self-contained LED lantern

SC 160 I is a self-contained medium range LED lantern with best-in-class optical performance for fixed and floating structures. The lantern includes solar panels, battery and charge controller. This lantern is designed for harsh marine environments and for long uninterrupted operation.

SC 160 I LED lantern application
SC 160 I LED lantern application

SC 160 I LED Lantern Features

• Range up to 8 NM @0.74T and 11 NM @0.85T depending on the georaphical location.
• Standard IALA colours red, green, white and yellow.
• Lantern made of rugged injection moulded aluminium housing and UV resistant polyethylene body.
• Integrated flasher with day-night switch and solar charger.
• Standard VRLA battery and ventilated battery compartment, Li-on battery optional.
• Solar modules covered with tempered glass.
• Adjustable intensity and range.
• Available with narrow (5°) or wide (10°) vertical divergence.
• Programmable with Bluetooth control mobile app up to 50m radius.
• Other wireless programming options available.such as Sabik Easy Programmer or PC/USB interface.
• Integrated event log for 365 days.
• Optional integrated GPS sychronization and GSM remote monitoring.
• External charge port or external solar module.

Integrated AIS

• Available in two models: Type 1 (FATDMA) and Type 3 (RATDMA)
• AIS transponder integrated in the top part of the lantern
• Integrated GPS antenna and external VHF antenna included in the delivery
• Extremely low power consumption when used as Type 1 < 45 mW with
1 message / 3 minutes (about 0.09 Ah/day)
• Support messages: 6 and 21
• Supports up to 10 virtual AtoN:s

Datasheet SC 160 I LED Lantern

Vertical divergence @ 50% peak intensity Peak intensity red Peak intensity green Peak intensity yellow Peak intensity white
SC-160-1-W 10° 550 cd 550 cd 800 cd 1 100 cd
SC-160-1-N 1 000 cd 1 000 cd 1 200 cd 1 850 cd
Power consumption@ peak intensity 13 W 16 W 16 W 16 W


Electrical specification

Nominal operating voltage 12 VDC / 24 VDC
Operating voltage range 10 – 32 VDC
Solar panel charger 16 A PWM charger
Main technical specification
Lens visual / Mechanical diameter 160 mm
Lens material UV stabilized acrylic
Light source High Power Light Emitting Diodes
Solar modules 3 x 10 W
Battery VRLA GEL-Type, 32 Ah / 12 VLi-on, 35 Ah / 12 V
Weight 27 kg / 59.5 lb20 kg with Li-on battery / 44.1 lb
Temperature range -40° to +60°C / -40° to +140°F
Installation 3 x M12 on 330 mm dia
Functional features
Remote monitoring Optional: GSM & AIS
Programming Infra red programmer
Sychronization Wire sync, optional: GPS
Flash character 246 standard + 1 custom character
Day / night mode Automatic and programmable 0.3% – 100% intensity
Product code
Code SC-160-1-LBc -O Note
L Lens option (W or N) W: 10°N: 5°
B Battery option (V or Li)
c colour (W, R, G, or Y)
O Option (1L, 4L, 9L, 11L or AIS)

Product code example: SC160-1-WVW-4L
• SC160-1-WVW is the code for SC160 I with VRLA battery and wide lens in white
• 4L is a selection of option integrated GPS sync including GPS atenna

SC 160 I LED lantern ddimension
SC 160 I LED lantern ddimension


Product Packing dimensions (DxWxH) mm Gross weight kg Packing dimensions (DxWxH) inch Gross weight lb
SC-160-1 480x450x800 35 18.9×17.7×31.5 77.2


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