TTMA Breakaway Coupling

Safety Breakaway Coupling C-4222
Safety Breakaway Coupling C-4222

EW Fuel Management Ltd supply a TTMA breakaway coupling specifically for bottom loading arm service. This is designed for bottom loading stations to prevent spillage when a tank truck is moved without disconnecting the API 4″ coupler. This prevents spillage from the hose therefore minimising a fire risk, damage to operators, the environment and equipment.

Safety Breakaway Coupling
Safety Breakaway Coupling

The model 4222 TTMA breakaway coupling is fitted with TTMA flanges at each end therefore allowing close coupling with the API 4″ coupler and the swivel elbow. This TTMA breakaway uses the break stud method of dry disconnect.

Materials of construction

The two halves of the body are made in aluminium with screws and springs in stainless steel,

The breakstuds are manufactured in 316L stainless steel.

The valve seal disc and the flange O ring are made from Viton,

Safety breakaway coupling C-4222 How it works
Safety breakaway coupling C-4222 How it works

Operating Parameters

Design pressure 10barG Maximum

Design Temperature -40 C to +65 C

EWFM also supply a large range of other breakaway couplings for your every need.  Our range covers from standard loading arm breakaway couplings, to 12″ marine breakaway couplings and even 100% metallic free breakaway couplings for your more aggressive medias.  We also supply couplings and hose in many materials and sizes.  We can quote a whole package.

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