SBFL 160 Marine Lantern

Sabik Marine SBFL 160 Marine Lantern

SBFL 160 Marine Lantern is a marker light especially developed for aquaculture farms. The unit is designed to meet the requirements regarding night and day time visibility as well as radar visibility. It can also be installed directly on floats for aquaculture farms.

The marker light consists of a yellow buoy tube with integrated alkaline battery, LED lantern, light reflectors along with internal radar reflector. The partly integrated, robust lantern has very low power consumption and is equipped with GPS synchronization.

SBFL 160 Marine Lantern Application
SBFL 160 Marine Lantern Application

• Adjustable intensity and range
• S tandard range 3 NM at Tc = 0.74 (4,5 NM at Tc = 0,85)
• Default IALA yellow colour light
• E quipped with internal radar reflector
• E nergy sources: Alkaline main battery
• V ertical divergence 8° @ 50% (±1°) of peak intensity
• G PS synchronization as standard
• O ptional integrated GSM/GPS remote monitoring
• R emote monitoring with LightGuard Monitor can be added as an option
• M ounting mechanism can be customized for different floats
• S abik Easy programmer can be used for programming the lantern and for reading the
status of the lantern and battery
• A dvanced Bluetooth® Control up to 50m available for android and iOS smart phones

Technical Specification SBFL160

Lantern intensity setting 17 cd
Max lantern intensity 40 cd
Vertical divergence 8° @ 50% (±1°) of peak intensity
Buoy material UV resistant Polyethylene
Lantern material UV resistant Polycarbonate
Weight without adapter plate 33 kg
Degree of protection, lantern IP 67
Lantern programming Wireless with Sabik Easy programmer or with an advanced   Bluetooth android mobile app
Primary battery 220 Ah Changing interval > 1,5 years
Cable length 2 m / 6 m
Product codes
SBFL-160-1-7YBS Marker light with 220Ah primary battery + sync
SBFL-160-1-7YTS Marker light with 230/12V power supply and 12Ah back-up   battery + sync
Product code for mechanical fixing
841011 Mechanics for buoy installation
Product code for lanterns
VPL-110-Y4 Lantern for SBFL marker light with synchronization
Product code for battery
950168 220 Ah primary battery
Product code for Programmer
980332 Sabik Easy Programmer
Bluetooth® app for android and IOS mobile phones available


SBFL 160 Marine Lantern Size
SBFL 160 Marine Lantern Size

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