SAILOR 6004 Control Panel 406004A-00500
SAILOR 6004 Control Panel 406004A-00500

SAILOR 6004 Control Panel Automatic Identification System for Marine

SAILOR 6004 Control Panel TT-00-CP-6004

You can use the Thrane & Thrane 6004 Control Panel as a generic control panel for a number of ThraneLINK applications. Notifications from the applications assist the user in monitoring all applications installed. The individual applications are managed in separate windows.

The basic configuration application for ThraneLINK is already installed in the Control Panel upon shipping. All individual applications are installed and updated from the attached devices (e.g. SAILOR 628x AIS, SAILOR 6390 Navtex Receiver, SAILOR 100 Satellite TV, etc.).

The Control Panel has a buzzer for alarm tones. It has also an alarm output providing 2 alarms to external equipment. The display supports night mode. The Control Panel can be remotely switched on.

SAILOR TT-00-CP-6004 Key features and functions :

  • 7 inch display with touch-screen functionality.
  • Dual LAN (2 Ethernet connectors).
  • ThraneLINK compatible.
  • Handling of multiple applications.
  • Amplifier for external speaker, e.g. SAILOR 6270 Loudspeaker.
  • Rear mounted USB (x2, e.g. for external keyboard).
  • Connector for SAILOR 6201 Handset or similar.

406004A-00500 Control Panel System configuration example

The following drawing shows an example of how to connect other systems to a SAILOR 6004 Control Panel.

SAILOR 6004 Control Panel System Configuration
SAILOR 6004 Control Panel System Configuration

SAILOR 6281 AIS Basic System : 406281A-00500.

SAILOR 6280 AIS System : 406280A-00500.

SAILOR 6391 Navtex System : 406391A-00500.

SAILOR 6560 GNSS System : 406560A-00500.

SAILOR 6570 DGNSS System : 406570A-00500.

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