Loudhailer For Ship Application

Loudhailer for ship
Loudhailer for ship

MPA-1100 Series Loudhailer

Speakers, Microphones, and Amplifiers with Public Address applications. (MPA-1100, Loudhailer System).

The MPA-1100 series Loudhailer is a multipurpose device that is used as a ship to shore hailer, ship to ship hailer, foghorn, audio amplifier, intercom, and/or alarm system.

As a loudhailer, it amplifies the sound through the speakers to a 200-400 watt level and adjusts to the desired voice level. If an additional (optional) horn is added to the system, the loudhailer output can be switched to either or both of the hailing horn positions from the front panel control. And the system is designed and manufactured to provide ease of installation and operation with excellent reliability.

Durable, Waterproof Construction – With IP-66 level and our heavy-duty microphone and speaker the loudhailer are built to survive in the toughest marine environments.

The PA/GA systems were designed in compliance with the following regulations :

  1. International Electro-Technical Commission (IEC).
  2. International Maritime Organization (IMO) SOLAS.
  3. Nautical Safety (Rules for the Classsification of Ships, DNV)

This system is tested according to IEC60945, certified for CE by DNV Register.

General Description

MPA-1100 Main Unit

Designed for 19″ 1-Unit rack mount.

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Microphones & Junction Box, Speakers, Goose-neck Microphones, Amplifier Main Cabinet
Microphones & Junction Box, Speakers, Goose-neck Microphones, Amplifier Main Cabinet
  • Up to 8 MPA 9000 control units connected.
  • Digital programming for priority, input and output, system diagnosis, password control.
  • Up to 11 emergency microphones connected.
  • External paging facility (from Talkback/PABX etc).
  • Prepared for A/B dual system, with alarm synchronisation.
  • Interfaces for manual and/or automatic alarms.
  • Entertainment sources, with free zone selection.
  • Signal processing capabilities.
  • Configurable priority levels.
  • 16 speaker outputs, with unlimited amplifier expansion.
  • Facility to mute local loudspeaker during paging.
  • Override entertainment volume-controls during paging.
  • Output for mute of external GA system.
  • Output for activation of external GA system.
  • Synchronisation with external GA tones.
  • Up to 10 different alarms in the system.
  • Chime (ding-dong) generator.
  • LSC (Light Signal Column) activation.
  • UHF/VHF Transceiver interface.
  • Built in audio output for peripheral device.
  • Mute external alarm facility.
  • External general button (zone 1 and zone 2).
  • Built-in loudspeaker to monitor activity in the designated zone.
  • Powered by 110/220V AC with an automatic switch to 24V DC.
  • Overload, fault indication, and amplifier monitoring.

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