Talk Back System For Ship

Talk Back System For Ship
Talk Back System For Ship

MTB-5000 T/B Paging System

Central Paging System for Off-shore, Plant and Crane. Page/Party function with In-outdoor and Hazardous Area.

General Description

Talk Back System enables free broadcasting and telecommunication in a particular area such as deck and machinery areas in the ship. All substations can be called to the main and remote stations with the maximum capacity of 45 substations. It can be connected to the PAGA and the PABX system as well.

Substations include four types : flush, wall, waterproof, and explosion-proof types, all of which can be interfaced to the Horn/Bell/Flashing Light, and the Foot Switch. This system has the functions of both ‘call in all’ and ‘call in group’ and of the automatic switch of power for the main and the emergency situations. The system was tested at the IEC60945 standard and approved for CE.

The paging systems are designed in compliance with the following regulations :

1. IEC 60079-0 (Explosive atmospheres 0: Equip. general requirements).

2. IEC 60079-1 (Explosive atmospheres 1: Equipment protection by flameproof enclosures).

3. IEC 60945 (Maritime navigation and radio communication equipment).

4. ISO 9001 (DNV Management System Certificate).

System Features

Talk Back System For Marine
Talk Back System For Marine
  • Max 45 Sub-station, Interface with PA, PABX, External telephone trunk and I.S. System.
  • Dry Contact Output Function for Horn, Bell, Flashing Light at Sub-Station.
  • All/Group Call and Priority Function (Pre-set Assigned).
  • Main/Emergency Power Source Change Automatically.

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Electric Specifications : Main Amplifier Unit

  1. Power Output : 250W/500W/1000W, etc.
  2. Frequency Characteristics : Less than 6dB (300 – 10kHz).
  3. Input Sensitivity : More than – 36dBm.
  4. Distortion Ratio : Less than 5%.
  5. S/N Ratio : More than 50 dB.
  6. Source of Power : AC100/240V(50/60 Hz), DC24V.
  7. Power Consumption : Max. 20A, 250W (DC 24V), Max.2.5A, 250W (AC 220V).
  8. Input Fuse : AC 30A, DC30A (In Case of 250W).
  9. Operating Temperature Range : -150C -+ 550C.
  10. Operating Humidity : Less than 90%.

Priority of Broadcasting

This system is operated in the following order (This can be cahnged by demands.)

  1. Microphone in the external public address system.
  2. Remote station microphone broadcasting.
  3. Main Microphone.
  4. Substation.

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